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Revenge -- Emily Messes Up A Lot

Updated on October 7, 2013

And goes too far

If you're like me and enjoy the Queen Of Mean getting a little of her own back, you probably enjoyed this episode.

Charlotte proved she's not the dimmest bulb in the package by putting two-and-two together. The only person she told about Patrick was Emily. She realizes Emily can't be trusted because she betrayed her confidence. She basically wants nothing to do with her and isn't buying the lies Emily tries to feed her.

Meanwhile Aidan and Victoria rendezvous on the Grayson Yacht. He's still keeping Emily's true identity to himself, while telling Victoria she must trust him. If he really wants Victoria to trust him why not tell her Emily is really Amanda Clarke? Is he just hoping to cause Emily enough grief to prove to her that she needs him and then take her back? Is he still crushing on Emily? He points Victoria in the direction of Nolan and she sees his new digs that cost a pretty penny and a painting she had to sell for money. Meanwhile Aidan searches Emily's house for something. He finds the deed to Nolan's house and shows it to Victoria. It shows that Emily bought the house and he tells Victoria that Nolan is just a pawn like he was, and that Emily is the one who stole all her money. Feeling he's proven himself to Victoria, he says he now wants something from her in return.

Jack has another run-in with Emily. He's looking to buy a new dog to replace Sammy. He tells her how guilty he is every time Charlotte drops by and starting talking about Real Emily/Faux Amanda knowing that she wasn't even really Charlotte's sister. He also calls Emily on the fact she refuses to take responsibility for her own actions. Later, when Charlotte is revealing to Jack how guilty she feels about Declan's death, Jack tells her the truth about Conrad, which causes Charlotte to also turn on him and saying he deserves to die for letting her think it was her fault Declan died. She also blames her guilty for losing her baby.

Another male Emily strikes out with is Patrick. She thinks he's as gullible as Daniel and she goes over to see him trying to sink her claws into him, only to have him close the door in her face telling her thanks but no thanks. For some reason Victoria went along with Emily's suggestion to tell her family about Patrick at a dinner party that was a disaster. Conrad revealed to Patrick that Victoria sicked Frank on him when he first came to find her, but Victoria says she's realized the error of her ways.

Emily takes the dinner party as the perfect opportunity to drug Conrad again to make him think his non-existent Huntington's Disease is getting worse. After Charlotte rejects Conrad he goes to see Father Paul and Emily think Father Paul could be the perfect person to get Conrad to confess to everything he did. Only problem is Emily just took the guy down so now she's going to have to try to undo what she did.

Emily targeted Father Paul because before he took to the sack cloth and ashes he worked for Grayson and she blamed him for turning everyone against her father. Nolan, however, investigates the man who has [unlike her previous victims] repented his ways. He quit Grayson and since then he's dedicated his life to helping others. But Emily won't be deterred and threatens to cut Nolan out of their partnership when he reads to her David's journal asking Amanda to forgive his enemies and not seek revenge against them.

Dressing up like Mona in her A hoodie from Pretty Little Liars, Emily lures Father Paul to a rundown apartment. When he enters she knocks him on the head. And while he's out she takes fake dirty pictures of him with a woman to make it appear that he's broken his vows. Afterwards, she seals the fake picture in an envelope and leaves it in the collection plate.

Father Paul gives her a tour of his soup kitchen and she sees how loved he is. He tells her when he's made pastor he intends to expand his good works. This seems to give Emily pause but it's already too late. The envelope has found it's way into Father Paul's superior's hands and he comes to confront Paul about it.

Meanwhile Daniel gets a job offer from Margeaux. However she tries to mix business with pleasure by stripping down to her black underwear. Daniel tells her no and hands her her dress back. Later, they come to an agreement to open an office in Montauk and Daniel accepts Margeaux's job offer.

I actually like Margeaux and I like her with Daniel. It would be nice if he could get hooked up with a decent woman. Ashley was an opportunist loser. I also like the actress. She brings a breath of fresh air to the show.

Unfortunately, for Emily, she wanted Daniel to get a job in the city. Because he's hanging around her beach house so much she's had to hide her revenge box at Nolan's in a secret safe. But with Daniel convincing Margeaux to open an office in Montauk, it looks like once again Emily has struck out again.

Every gambler knows when their luck has changed and it's turning against them. I don't think Emily is one of those people. She's not taking this as a sign she needs to back off. As a result she may finally find herself on the other end of the revenge stick.

So the big question from this episode is just what does Aidan want Victoria to do for him? And just when is he going to tell Victoria just who Emily really is?


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