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Revenge -- Emily Wins Again And Aiden's Back

Updated on November 17, 2013

Was he even gone for one whole episode?

Nope, we didn't even get rid of him for one whole episode. Was that too much to ask for? I was pumped after the Wooden Ken Doll said he was leaving. But he's back and to make matters worse the little wooden man is now going to be Nolan's roomy.

They did a fast forward of a couple of weeks so the Ken doll left and now he's back. When Jack hears Emily is planning to go off with the Ken Doll after she frames Victoria for her murder he isn't happy about it. It's pretty obvious that even though he's sleeping with Margaux he's not over Psychopathia.

Speaking of our psycho, she was really creepy in regarding to the first two scenes she had with Daniel and Sara. Daniel cleared a spot on the steamy mirror and whose face was staring at him in the mirror, but Psychopathia. Then when Daniel surprised Sara at the Farmer's Market, after he left who was standing behind Sara as she turned around? Psychopathia.

She pulls on the accusatory girlfriend act accusing Sara of being a home wrecker. Then she turns on the tears and apologizes. She's just paranoid because Victoria is so against her. Sara ends up feeling so guilty she vows to stay away from Daniel because she doesn't want to be a home wrecker.

Of course, Victoria isn't having any of that and tries to convince Sara that Emily is a user. And it seems like she's about to prove it when she brings Emily's ex, Roan to a party celebrating Daniel and Emily's upcoming marriage. This was the name Emily dropped to Bizzy knowing she'd repeat it to Victoria. Of course, when Roan arrives he sings Emily's praises for helping him get a green card and true love. Yeah, it's enough to make you projectile vomit.

So Emily's all smug that she's got everything all wrapped up and Daniel will forget all about Sara. It works on Sara as she tells Victoria she's done and is going to stay away from Daniel. Meanwhile the whole thing makes Daniel realize he doesn't want to marry Emily.

And he might have actually been able to get away with dumping Emily if Victoria hadn't interfered. Conrad showed Daniel the legacy for all Grayson men marrying. A secret love nest to bring their mistresses. Only it turns out to be not so secret, as Victoria knows all about it. And she decides to let Emily know about it, too.

Emily is so smug that she's got Daniel so tightly wrapped around her finger he can't breathe as she lets Victoria dare to call the apartment. Imagine her shock when she hears Daniel's voice in the background and has her smug satisfied smiled wiped right off her face.

Unfortunately when Daniel came home she was waiting for him ready to pull the oldest trick in the book. Just as Daniel was about to dump her, she gave him a picture of someone else's sonagram claiming she's pregnant. So Daniel can't dump her now. Even if he did, Sara wouldn't get together with him knowing he abandoned a pregnant woman. So Psychopathia wins again and Daniel loses out on being with a woman who really loves him.

In other news, Daniel convinces Conrad not to give Margaux his story. This just incenses and fires her up. She keeps digging and finds someone willing to tell tales. It's none other than the thought dead Lydia Davis. Let's hope she also recalls what she knows about Psychopathia and blows her out of the water.

Charlotte is being blackmailed by some guy she met in Europe who took dirty pictures of her. She turns to the little wooden boy to fix the problem with the guy. Jack isn't thrilled to see his arch nemesis with Charlotte or to see him beating the crap out of some guy. What neither Jack, Charlotte nor even Emily know is the wooden boy decides to use Charlotte's computer to buy the gun they intend to frame Victoria with.

The Wooden Boy tells Nolan about what he did and says there's something else he wants him to do that Emily doesn't need to know about. Meanwhile Jack comes to Emily to warn her about Aiden and tell her the Charlotte was being blackmailed and point out how her Ken Doll didn't tell her about it. Jack tells Emily there's a lot she doesn't know about the wooden boy and that try as hard as he can Jack can't hate her. He also says he thinks she deserves better than Aiden, which she replies that Aiden is just like her. If that's the case she should be very afraid. It means he's as big of a psychopath as she is.

I have to give kudos to the show for pulling off a genuine surprise. I never suspected Lydia Davis returning from the grave. You just can't get rid of this hussy it seems. I thought the surprise returning character was this Roan guy. A lot of times promos mislead you. Well played.

I think the only one I'm truly feeling sorry for is Daniel. Emily has said she can't stomach Daniel and despises him, but there's someone who genuinely loves him and she's ruining it for him just so she can have her revenge. Daniel was a child, just like she was, when Conrad and Victoria did what they did to both her and her father. It makes her no better than Conrad and Victoria.

Finally, I predict before the wedding takes place Jack and Emily are going to get together and have sex, and the Psycho Ken Doll is going to see it. Then her grand plan to frame Victoria for killing her is going to come real as Aiden shoots her for real knowing she's been playing him all this time.

Revenge is taking a hiatus for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and it'll be back in two weeks, I think it was. Two more episodes until the wedding episode and we'll all know if her plan goes like clockwork or if it all goes wrong.


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