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Revenge -- Emily's Plan For Revenge Is Revealed

Updated on November 10, 2013

So that's why Daniel puts up with Emily's crap

I really wish CBS would put their football coverage on earlier, because it's really messing me up in regards to watching Revenge. The Amazing Race came on almost an hour late, so I wasn't able to see any of Revenge and Sunday morning is the first time I had a chance to watch the episode. Hardly a timely recap.

Per usual this season, things weren't going Emily's way in this episode. Nolan had had enough of Emily and her demands. Charlotte was trying to find a way to stop the wedding. And Conrad's plan to sell the house and Victoria's plans to leave Conrad were upsetting Emily's applecart.

Conrad found a buyer for the house, which had Victoria seeing red, as she considers that house her haven. She tells Patrick she's putting the gallery in his name so Conrad can't sell that out from under her. She also plans to leave Conrad since they have no money and they'll be no battle over who gets what in a divorce settlement.

Emily plants fake documents that the beach is eroding and cons the real estate woman into believing she's constantly having to reinforce the foundation of her house. After hearing this the sale of the Grayson house falls through. Then Emily's let Ken Doll takes Victoria to a warehouse where he claims Conrad is hiding the Grayson family fortune that he's converted to gold. After that Victoria changes her mind about leaving Conrad. So Emily gets what she wants, but she has to give up the Grayson fortune to get it. So I'm not sure who the bigger winner is. Emily for getting what she wanted or the Graysons for getting their fortune back.

Emily comes and visits Nolan and finds his place in a mess with broken furniture and over-turned lamps. Seems Patrick and Nolan got a little rough the night before. When Emily sees Nolan in the tub she thinks he's dead. He was just sleeping.

He tells her about his relationship with Patrick and she tells him to end it now. Nolan doesn't want to do that, since he feels Patrick could be the one. When he tries, Patrick and Nolan begin to kiss, again. So it seems for once Nolan is choosing Patrick over Emily. Or has he?

Meanwhile Charlotte tells Jack that she faked a reconciliation with Conrad for Jack and took the rap for tampering with Conrad's car for him. Jack learns that it was really Patrick who did it and he's concerned Charlotte could be in danger if Patrick wants to make sure she doesn't tell anyone she wasn't the one who did it.

Nolan drops by and finally decides to level with Jack. He tells Jack he's dating Patrick and that he's known who Emily is from the start. Jack throws Nolan out for having lied to him all this time, but later goes to Nolan's place and makes up with him. He also convinces Nolan he has to end it with Patrick. Nolan agrees on the condition Patrick doesn't get hurt.

Jack goes to Conrad saying he's worried Charlotte's life could be in danger and tells him Patrick is the one who really tampered with his car. He cuts a deal of a cease fire between them and demands Conrad not harm Patrick, but to just get him to leave.

Conrad confronts Victoria for getting Charlotte to lie so she could protect her bastard. Victoria, in turn, convinces Patrick to leave town. But she vows she will bring him back again some day.

Charlotte is proving she's more her mother's daughter than she would like. She's trying to stop Daniel from marrying Emily, so she manipulates a meeting between Daniel and his ex-Sarah, who got paralyzed when he was drunk driving. When I first saw her it dawned on my why Daniel has put up with so much crap from Emily. She bears a striking resemblance to Sarah, right down to the same hair color.

It's not a happy reunion as she reams Daniel out for only seeing her once and not paying for her rehab. She's had to get a job at a bakery to pay for her rehab. Daniel goes to look at the agreement that Conrad and Victoria got Sarah to sign and he finds out they only paid her what they had to pair her and she was given nothing for rehab so she could regain her mobility.

Charlotte isn't done yet. She then calls up Sarah's boss and gets her fired from the bakery. Then goes to see Sarah telling her Daniel has changed and magnanimously offering Sarah a job at the Stowaway. Then she makes sure Daniel knows Sarah is working there. He has a private talk to her and tells her he wants to make it up for her. Oh-oh, Ems, you've got more trouble coming your way.

Emily drops by Nolan to reveal her plan for revenge to Jack and Nolan. She's going to frame Victoria for killing her. Then she's going to disappear. She leaves out the part where she's going off with her little wooden Ken doll. I still believe she really loves him and think she's shining him on.

So, apparently, the whole scene on the boat is her plan going down as planned. Or is it? Nothing has been going her way this season and I don't think this will, either. I think someone will really shoot her. And, unfortunately, since Emily told Jack and Nolan she was going to disappear neither will think to look for her and think her plan went down as planned.

I actually think the little Ken doll is going to turn on her once he figures out she's playing him for all he's worth. Maybe Jack will declare his love for Emily and he'll overhear it and realize she's just been playing him. I really think this guy is a loose cannon. He already killed Mr. T.

Whatever the case, I just want everyone to finally find out who she really is. It's long past time.


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