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Revenge -- Forgiveness

Updated on October 29, 2012

This whole Kara story has been pretty much ado about nothing. For a second there it looked like it might get interesting if Amanda was going to seek revenge against Mommy Dearest for marrying the man who murdered her father. But then since Emily forgave her, it looks like Amanda is going to forgive mommy, too. Much ado about nothing.

Donatello woke-up in bed with April, but got miffed when she told him she wouldn't let him play in her pool and the night before was any port in the storm. Before taking off he told her that Mama Clarke was married to White Hair. Amanda also had a flashback of her father saving her, then telling her Mama Clarke was dead. In all her mania to find Mama Clarke, she remembered David always tried to protect her and he was a good father.

Donatello went over to Grayson's where he was there as the sensei rat's representative. Ashley came in to tell Daniel that someone wanted info of David Clarke's contract with Grayson's. He learned it was Nolan's assistant Padma that was doing the asking. I don't know if he did it to get at Nolan because Amanda showed more caring for Nolan than him, but he suggested that Grayson's may own a part of Nolan's company if David used Grayson's money to help Nolan start up his business.

Meanwhile Mama Clarke played Victoria a visit and gave her a big hug. Kara thanks Victoria for saving her and commiserates about big bad White Hair. The real reason she's there is she's on a fact-finding mission to find her beloved White Hair. Victoria invited Kara to stay with them, much to Conrad's displeasure. Victoria's mentality was it's best to keep your enemies closer. Conrad suggested he and Victoria get remarried so if they get arrested they won't be able to testify against each other. They're both worried Kara could know something that would prove David innocent and implicate them.

Kara also pays Emily a visit. Emily is out of the coma and it's like nothing happened to her. She and Jack name the baby, Carl. Amanda gets Emily to play along with Kara, and she's moved to tears as Kara says David told Amanda she was dead on her suggestion. Emily tells her she forgives her. She even forgives Amanda when she confesses she lied to Emily and Baby Carl is really Jack's baby. Amanda says she needed leverage over her to get her to help her. Emily still wants to be honest with Jack. Since she no longer has to tell him the baby isn't his, she wants to tell Jack she's not really Amanda Clarke. Amanda advises her not to do it. Probably since it would ruin her game.

As it turns out Emily may not have a choice. Mason Treadwell is back and he caught a look of Emily's back through her hospital gown. Amanda has a scar on her back and Emily doesn't. He confronts Emily with a file, saying he knows she's not really Amanda Clarke. So will the truth of Amanda's identity FINALLY come out?

Nolan prepares a romantic breakfast for him and Padma on the beach. Unfortunately, it's ruined when Amanda calls him up to tell him Padma was inquiring about David at Grayson's. So just what is Padma up to? Is she friend or foe? Has Nolan taken another Tyler into his bed?

Kenny tells Jack if he lets him buy into the bar he'll forgive Declan stealing from him. He even suggests a contractor who will work cheaply to renovate the bar. Don't know what this guy is after, but Jack falls right into his trap and agrees to let Kenny buy into the bar.

As the episode comes to an end Amanda is standing on the beach with her mother and it looks like she's well on the way to forgiving her for what she's done. I'm sorry, but I watch this show for revenge, not forgiveness. So far this whole story with Mama Clarke has been one big snooze. They could have just left her dead. It would have been interesting if she decided to turn her revengeful eye on her own mother.


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