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Revenge: Frenemies

Updated on November 19, 2011

I like you; now go away!

Since the Real Emily is back, I shall henceforth refer to Fake Emily as Amanda and Real Emily as Emily. It'll be less confusing that way.

I have to say that Warden Stiles is something else, She may quite be the most interesting character to date. She's a little like Fagan with Amanda being her Oliver Twist. When Amanda was having trouble with Emily in the clink, Stiles advised Amanda how to deal with her. She suggested Amanda pretend to like Emily when she really doesn't, and Amanda is continuing to do it to this day.

Amanda's biggest problem wasn't which one of her victims to go after; it was how to get rid of Emily before she ended up ruining everything for her. Amanda decided to stash Emily at Nolan's. She wouldn't tell Nolan who she was, and Nolan doesn't like to be kept in the dark. It didn't take him long to put two and two together and come up with four, right down to the fact that Emily killed Frank.

Yes, Frank is dead. I'm kind of disappointed about that. I would have much preferred it was Lydia. Frank was the first real threat to Amanda. He was someone she couldn't handle. I feel bad he got cut down by a twit like Emily Thorne.

Emily also meets Jack when he drops by Nolan's. Apparently, Amanda talked about him in the clink to Emily. So it seems she never forget Jack anymore than Jack forgot her.

In other news, much to Tyler's chagrin, Daniel decides to take the job his father offered him. Tyler and Ashley continue to bond over their ambitions. Victoria brings Lydia home to recuperate. Lydia has blocked out a great deal of her memory. Victoria also tells Conrad she wants him out of the house, which is kind of interesting, since doesn't he like own the place? So shouldn't she be the one who should leave?

Unfortunately for Amanda, Lydia gets a memory flash that there's a photo with her a Victoria at the New Year's Eve party with Amanda in the background. Luckily for Amanda, Nolan photoshopped her out of the pic and made the dark-haired waitress look like somebody else. What would Amanda do without Nolan? Half the stuff she's accomplished couldn't have been done without Nolan's help, and she was against working with him in the beginning.

Lydia also overhears Conrad and Victoria fighting and they talk about what really happened to Lydia. Victoria goes to check on Lydia to see if she heard anything, and Lydia pretends to be asleep.

Amanda gets Emily a ticket to Paris and a new identity. Emily, however, doesn't want to stop being Amanda Clarke. It makes her feel close to Amanda. Amanda claims the new name Emily has is her mother's name. Emily breathes a sigh of relief thinking the Emily problem is jetting off to Paris, only Emily decides she likes it there and pops into Jack's bar offering to become his new bartender.

Speaking of Jack, he apologizes to Nolan for the way he treated him. Seems a real friendship might be building between them. Which is a good thing for Jack, as he may need Nolan's help if his booba-butt gets arrested in relation to whatever happened to Daniel in the first episode. I mean, someone is probably going to reveal he was seen dragging Daniel out of the drink.

I kind of hope Daniel isn't dead, because he's kind of grown on me like a bit of fungus. He actually adds something to the story, unlike Jack's brother Declan, who just annoys the crap out of me.

It also seems that Frank's feelings for Victoria may not have been one-sided, as she seems really upset when she finds out about Frank's death. She causes problems between herself and Daniel, when she sends the police over to Amanda's to talk to her about Frank's murder. That's the last straw for Daniel and he moves in with Amanda. So Victoria is basically stuck with the BFF who slept with her husband and tried to blackmail her into being friends with her again and the daughter who still hasn't forgiven her for saying she kinda wished Charlotte was never born.

Anyway, it looks like once a frenemy always a frenemy as Emily Thorne seems poised to cause Amanda nothing but trouble.


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