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Revenge -- Get Bizzy

Updated on November 12, 2013

Is Emily losing her grip on Daniel?

Conrad hires a PR genius named, Bizzy Preston. Nolan has bad memories of her and blames her for ruining his relationship with his father. She outted his as being gay to protect one of her clients and when his father found out he rejected him. Now Nolan would like revenge and Emily's all for it.

Emily feeds Bizzy fake info about her having been married before. Although I'm not sure why in retrospect, cause it didn't seem to go anywhere. Bizzy revealed it to Victoria but it didn't really play a part in her take down by Nolan. Nolan hacked into her phone and discovered she was cheating on her husband and made her break it off with her lover or he'd tell her husband.

It's funny, but Emily doesn't even notice a threat when she sees it. She thinks she's got Daniel so wrapped around her finger, she can't see he's still interested in his ex, Sara. She doesn't even think anything of it when Daniel wants Sara to make their wedding cake.

She's surprised when Daniel doesn't act to Aiden sniffing around her. Victoria ordered Aiden to try and cause trouble between Emily and Daniel, hoping to still stop the wedding. So they played along with it. It isn't until Emily is shown video footage of Daniel almost kissing Sara on the beach that she realizes that Daniel is slipping out of her noose and vows to put a stop to it.

I still think Daniel has put up with so much crap from Emily because she resembles Sara. That subconsciously he's replacing Sara and that she's the one he's really in love with. Unfortunately, Emily will make sure to ruin that for him.

Meanwhile Charlotte tells Victoria when she's all bitchy to Sara that she thinks Daniel still loves Sara. As Victoria watched Daniel and Sara together, she realizes Charlotte may be right and is her way of putting a stop to this wedding. That being the case she throws Aiden out and tells him to get lost.

Emily tells Aiden to leave town and make all the preparations for her plan. When she lists all the people she'll miss like Charlotte and Nolan, she's careful not to mention Jack. I still think she's shining on Aiden to make sure he leaves Jack alone and not mentioning Jack is just to make Aiden think Jack means nothing to her.

Does anyone really think Emily's plan to frame Victoria for her murder is going to go off as she plans? For one thing, nothing has gone off as she's planned this season. I think the scene we saw at the beginning of the season was her really getting shot when all her plans go awry.

For some reason I think it's going to be Aiden. That he comes back and sees her with Jack and realizes she's just been playing him. Or another favorite suspect is Daniel, especially if she manages to ruin things for him with Sara and he learns she's been playing him from the moment she first met him.

Margaux told Daniel if she had a picture of Emily she could track down all the secrets she's hiding and then Emily helpfully gave Daniel that picture. Maybe she'll uncover the truth about who Emily really is before the wedding and tell Daniel or Victoria. If any of the Graysons learn who she really is everything will fall into place for them.

Conrad will realize she was behind his fake diagnosis which forced him to resign from office. Victoria will realize she was the one who stole their fortune. And Daniel will figure out how badly she's been using him.

Then there's Charlotte who is kind of a loose cannon. If she finds out Emily let her believe someone else was his sister and realizes everything she did to her brother, she might possibly go after her, herself. The only two I don't see doing it is Jack or Nolan.

Speaking of Jack and Nolan they really do have the best friendship on the show. Jack almost had sex with Margaux but backed off at the last moment. Nolan made Jack admit why and Jack when to the real Emily Thorne's grave to say goodbye to her. I felt so bad for her that the girl doesn't even have her right name on her tombstone.

Afterwards, Jack and Margaux have sex and she reveals Conrad is going to be writing his memoirs and she's going to publish them. While she doubts Conrad will be honest, she hopes to uncover the real truth.

I really hated seeing Nolan wanting to go the Emily route and get revenge on Bizzy. He's the voice of reason also urging her to not do the horrible things she does. And the reason for it seemed rather lame. He admitted he was messing around with a man and a woman. And while he wants to blame Bizzy for ruining his relationship with his father, isn't it really his father's fault for not being able to accept him being gay or bi? What she said in the press about Nolan wasn't a lie. It's hardly like what some of the people did to David Clarke.

Over all the episode seemed a lot like filler. The big episode is the wedding episode and they need to drag things out until it's time for that to air. The only good thing in this episode was Victoria giving Aiden the shaft and him leaving. Although I'm sure him and him wooden persona will be back. At least we get a little break from him for a few episodes.

Strangely enough sending Patrick away took a lot of energy away from Nolan and the show at large. They really need to sign Justin Hartley to a contract. It was so nice to have a male not full under the spell of Emily Thorne.

Anyway, from the previews, it looks like Emily will be pulling the oldest trick in the book to ruin things for Daniel. You know, Daniel had nothing to do with what happened to her father, and in a way she's doing to him what was done to her as a child. Which is why I just find her unsympathetic and will be glad when everyone knows who she really is.


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