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Revenge -- Jack Gives Emily A Deadline

Updated on September 30, 2013

And Emily sets a wedding date

Yes, I'm back to watching Revenge, after quitting it after the mid-season finale. The promo of someone shooting Emily lured me back in. So I thought I'd give it another chance and it seems to have gotten its act together.

The show opens on a beautiful sunset and Emily in a wedding dress. Has she married Daniel? Emily's on deck backing away from someone with a gun who shoots her. She falls backwards into the water and we go back to two months earlier.

Daniel is unemployed, penniless and engaged to Emily. Conrad had plans to run for President. Nolan is getting out of jail. Victoria is all zen and having a wonderful time spending time with her first born son, Patrick. And three people make an unwelcomed return.

Charlotte is back because the Graysons sold off the place she was planning to stay in abroad. Upon her arrival she sees Victoria kissing Patrick. She goes over to Emily and tells her Victoria's taken a lover. Charlotte also makes her unwelcome presence known to Patrick and manages to chase him away. She refuses to believe he's her brother. When she announces she intends to leave soon, it can't be soon enough for Victoria.

Ashley drops by to pay a visit to Emily to turn the screws. She says she knows Emily's a fraud and she intends to prove it. She also orders Emily to introduce her to someone at Emily's Memorial Day party. Ashley was never the brightest bulb in the package and if she were smart she wouldn't go around threatening the resident sociopath. It's no shock when Emily puts her on her hit list next.

Emily also plans the downfall of Conrad. She can't tolerate the idea of him holding public office. She drugs Conrad's water at her party and he collapses while giving a speech. She then doctors his medical records so he's told he had Huntington's Disease and that he's dying. That's pretty nasty even for her. Then she leaks the news to the press and blames Ashley for it. She also lies to Victoria that Ashley claimed she was having an affair with Patrick to get Victoria on Team Get Rid Of Ashley. Emily and Victoria escort Ashley to a plane to take her away as Ashley declares they're both evil.

Emily shows her nice side when she buys the broke Nolan a house. Nolan demands they work together to take down the Graysons, but after his recent jail stint he's not going to do any hacking. He says he'll find other ways to help her.

Emily is happy when Jack returns but he can't understand why she never told him who she was when she had plenty of opportunities. They share a hot kiss, but Jack says he feels nothing for her anymore. He's also appalled by her poisoning Conrad and doesn't feel she's any better than the Graysons. He gives her a deadline on how long she has to get her revenge. If she hasn't gotten it by that date, he'll go to the Graysons and tell them who she really is.

Emily's response is to set her wedding date with Daniel for that date. She tells Nolan by that date she will totally destroy Victoria. Although that boast might not be as easy as she thinks. Victoria has another surprise visitor. She thinks it's Patrick, but it's Aidan. He tells Victoria they want the same thing, to destroy Emily Thorne.

The new show runner has really done a good job at resetting the show and getting rid of most of the elements that don't work. The Initiative and Mama Clarke are gone. And the weakest characters have also been sent on there way. Declan was killed off and Charlotte will soon be following Ashley out the door. Killing off Mr. T was a great move, as well, since the show began jumping the shark with the introduction of him and just continued to get worse from then on.

Having Aidan team up with Victoria is a good move. How much she can trust him depends on just how much Aidan reveals about Emily. Will he tell Victoria that Emily is really Amanda Clarke and secretly been plotting against the Graysons since her arrival? If he does, you can bet Zen Victoria will be long gone.

Having Jack finally know the truth was a good move, as well. Nolan is more of a cheerleader and pretty much goes along with whatever Emily wants to do. Jack can act as a moral voice making her think about what she's doing. Although I do wonder how much of a part Jack can have on the show since they pretty much have killed off all his connections.

I've never been a fan of Daniel and Emily so seeing them reunited is the one sour note. Although Daniel may not be as devoted to Emily as he once was with the little flirtation he's carrying on with the character of Margeaux. Daniel has turned on Victoria, but one has to wonder how he'll react when he learns he's not really Victoria's first born son. Will Patrick be a major character on the show or will he disappear back into the mist? Something tells me that'll be next on Emily's hit list. Revealing to everyone that Patrick is Victoria's first born son.

And the cherry on the sundae is Emily is finally going to get a little of her own back. It got really old watching her mess with one person after another and never getting a little of it back on herself.

This is the second show that was floundering that's managed to turn itself around. Like Revolution they've kind of reset Revenge. So far, it seems a more sharper version of last season's mess now that it's deep-sixed a lot of the elements that just was making it ludicrous. I actually can't wait to see what's going to happen next. Which was the feeling I had when I watched the first season until they started introducing all these ridiculous elements. Good job.


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