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Revenge -- Karma Serves Emily Thorne Up A Little Divine Justice

Updated on January 15, 2014

Not that Emily and her mice get that

No, they're still running on their own over-bloated fumes of how they're on the side of truth, justice and the American way. That's what makes Emily a true sociopath. She can never see or understand the things she does to people, she only sees herself as the victim. She has no self-awareness of what she does to others and neither do her devoted mice.

That's what I call the devoted Emily acolytes. The old saying is are you a man or a mouse and when it comes to Emily Jack, Aidan and Nolan certainly aren't men, so their mice.

As you can guess you've stumbled upon another Anti-Emily Thorne recap. If you think she poops gold bricks and can do no wrong and everyone is the bad guy but her, this is probably not for you.

Her head mouse, the extremely annoying Nolan dressed up in a clown suit and snuck in to see his beloved. She reveals she's going to give up her revenge plan and go away with her other beloved mouse, Aidan. Only Victoria had other ideas thanks to Miss Niko.

Aidan might just be the dumbest mouse of them all. He expects Niko to help him reunite with his beloved Em-mole-lee. He killed her father, something she doesn't know about. He apparently romanced her when she saved his miserable life. Now he's dumped her and expects her to help him go off with his precious Queen.

This is what's so detestable about these mice and their Queen. They victimize and use people and when their victims fight back they cry foul and act like they're the victim because you didn't just sit back and take their garbage. Nolan Mouse is even worst than Aidan with this type of behavior.

He and the Jack Mouse helped to force Patrick out of town. He manipulated Patrick to leave Victoria alone so his Mouse Queen could frame her for something she didn't do. Meanwhile he's mouthing his BS about not letting Emily and Victoria come between them when what he really means is you pick me over your mommy while I do everything my queen tells me to do and if you don't you're my enemy and I'll make you pay.

Patrick was upset that Victoria hadn't told him that Daniel shot Emily and that she wanted someone else to break into Nolan's safe. So he went over to Nolan's Mouse's house and had to endure Nolan Mouse's self-righteous behavior before he bashed him in the head and stole the infinity box from the safe. I actually loved seeing Patrick bash this reprehensible punk in the head and wish he'd had hit him harder.

Anyway, Nolan Mouse managed to switch the contents of the box so Victoria still doesn't know who the Queen really is. Then he prepared an envelope of punishment to make Patrick pay for being loyal to his mother and not picking him and his Queen's side as the right side to be on. It'll show Patrick who his mother really is. And if Patrick does something bad because of this Nolan Mouse won't feel he's to blame for it because he and his Queen are never to blame for what they cause their victims to do after they're done victimizing them.

Nolan was tolerable when he operated as a voice of reason and conscience to his sociopathic buddy, but now he's just as bad as she is. Ever since she helped him get his stupid revenge against that PR rep, he's become as soulless and vile as his Queen is.

Meanwhile, Daniel was trying to talk to Sara when Jack Mouse came in and punched him for all the things he's done to his beloved Queen. Does the Jack Mouse even consider all his precious Queen did to Daniel to drive him to what he did? Of course not, the mice mind doesn't work that way. They believe their Queen has some God given right to victimize people and if their victims try to give it back to their Queen then the victims are evil and deserve to be punished for not just taking their victimization without trying to fight back.

Jack Mouse was a busy mouse. Then he scurried over to Margaux to stop her from printing an article about Lydia being guilty of the shooting that Daniel wanted to put out. He was determined to screw Daniel over any way he could for daring to give the Queen a taste of her own medicine. He even squeaked in Margaux's ear that Daniel was the one who really shot the Queen.

Of course when his Queen went public proclaiming it was Lydia who shot him he got his little mouse tail in a twist and vowed he was down with the Queen forever. Yeah, I'm sure that will last a real long time.

You know what's funny about the Queen? She's probably the biggest coward around. Oh, she's all big and brave when she can sneak around behind people's backs plotting against them, but the minute one of her victims gives her a taste of her own medicine she wants to runaway and forget all about her revenge. The hallmark of a true coward. If she actually had to own up to who she really is and try to get her revenge she'd never have the guts to do it.

However, when Victoria told her the news that because of where she was shot she's now sterile and can't reproduce she vowed to make Daniel pay for what he did to her. We've already discussed the rodent mindset where they can't see their the architect of their own problems when their victims decide to fight back against them instead of just lying there and taking it. So, of course, the Mouse Queen can't see she brought this on herself for all the nasty games she played with Daniel. All she can see is herself as the blameless innocent victim. Or that after she lied about being pregnant and planned for Daniel to think his bride and unborn child had been killed by his mother that karma gave her a little divine retribution by making her sterile.

Personally, I was thrilled to learn she can't reproduce. What kind of monster would this monster produce if she and her equally sick Aidan Mouse were to breed together. What kind of moral values would these two impart on an innocent child when they both are morally bankrupt. I can't just picture them telling the child it's all right for them to victimize whomever they want but if their victims should give them a little of their own back in return then they must make them pay.

Anyway, the Queen dumped Aidan Mouse because she can't reproduce and she's rededicating herself to making the Graysons pay. Not only have they taken her daddy from her, but all her future children. So Aidan scurried back to Niko's side, while she started wondering who really killed her father. Here's hoping she finds out it's Aidan Mouse and crushes him under her foot.

I actually thought she suspected it was The Queen, because she was going to inject something in her IV before she got interrupted. I got the impression she was going to try and exterminate the witch.

Victoria confronted the Queen with the infinity box info saying Emily was a grifter. She responded that she really loves Daniel, which made Daniel sick as he'd just gotten back together with Sara. He lied to Sara that he didn't shoot the monster and she believe him. Victoria told Daniel he has to stay married to the monster because she could always tell everyone he was the one who really shot her. But Daniel's days of letting The Queen victimize him are over, something I don't think she realizes yet. Her brain doesn't have the capacity to understand someone not taking her crap anymore and giving it back to her in spades. Let's see how long it is before our cowardly little psycho is running for the nearest exit.

And it seems a new mouse may be ready to join the Queen's little mouse posse. Conrad approached her about coming to him when she remembered and he seems to be planning to sabotage the publishing of the anti-Lydia article Margaux and Daniel are trying to put out. If Conrad really does become her devoted mouse it'll be a sad day, as the monster made him think he was dying and was poisoning him. He should be lining up with Daniel and Victoria to take his own swipe at the Queen, not lining up to help this monster.

Overall, I think the writers may be clueless. I think they really think Emily and her three blind mice are the characters to root for, but their reprehensible. Hearing Emily mewing about the real Emily being her best friend and the Graysons took her from her made me ill. She used and manipulated that girl to get whatever she wanted and painted a target on her back. I remember Emily sending that girl in to Victoria to do her dirty work for her and her falling down the stairs and she was pregnant at the time. She could have lost her baby. So no mewing about her. She was just another of her victims. But I can see the writing will continue to be slanted where they portray little Emily as some blameless victim justified in everything she does against everyone else but if someone tries to pay her back they have to be punished and vilified.


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