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Revenge -- Let's Be Frank

Updated on October 29, 2011

Oh, come on, she's still alive?

I have to admit it. I was thrilled that Lydia was dead. She's a horribly annoying character. She's also a delusional dimwit. What woman sleeping with her best friends husband would really think she had a snowball's chance in you know what of being best friends with them, again? So when Nolan told Emily she was in a coma, I was like, "What! She's still alive! You've gotta be kidding me." She's like the Terminator in the original Terminator movie. No matter how many times you think you've finally gotten rid of her, she pops right back up.

Anyway, Nolan finally gets in touch with Emily and tells her what happened with Lydia. She refuses to take any blame for what happened to Lydia. When she sees the video tape Nolan has of Frank chasing Lydia, she decides it's the perfect way to take Frank down. Anyone else feel like saying, "You've just bitten off more than you can chew, little girl?" Frank is not Lydia or any of the other marks Emily has targeted. They were small potatoes and Frank is the big league. He's also dangerous as hell.

Anyway, Nolan anonymously sends the video to Conrad in an email. Conrad is horrified when he sees it and he wants to get rid of Frank, pronto. He tries to do just that at a public bar. It's kind of the place you'd take someone you wanted to dump, thinking they won't make a scene in public. Anyway, Conrad says he thinks it might be a good idea for Frank to take a hike, and brings up the fact that Frank's loyalty is with Victoria, not him. Frank reminds Conrad that if not for him, Conrad would be rotting in jail somewhere and David Clarke would be alive. Bottom line, Frank's not going anywhere.

On the romantic front, Tyler doesn't like it when Daniel blows him off because he has plans with Emily. So he asks Ashley out and manipulates her into getting Emily and Daniel to go on a double date with them. During the date, when Tyler is telling some story, Emily pretty much calls him out and calls him a liar. This infuriates Ashley for being so mean to poor Tyler. Meanwhile both Declan [who is just such a worthless piece of dirt and the worst character on this show] and Nolan are pushing Jack to pursue Emily. Deciding to do just that, Jack gets Daniel to work during his family's annual Fourth of July party, and crashes the party as Nolan's guest. Jack makes his pitch to Emily, and she rejects him. Even though she cries about it afterwards. Meanwhile, Tyler gets Daniel to drink a drink while tending bar. What Daniel doesn't see if Tyler popping some drugs into his drink.

Before this, I wondered out loud if Tyler could possibly be gay and that the reason he's working so hard to sabotage Daniel's relationship with Emily is because he wants Daniel for himself. And it seems like I was right. Daniel gets really out of it because of the drugs Tyler slipped in his drink, and Tyler offers to help Daniel lay down in the backroom. I swear Tyler was about to kiss Daniel when Daniel shoved Tyler away telling him to get off of him. Tyler's response to that rejection is to go out and bang his head up and then tell Victoria that Daniel did it to him.

When Conrad goes home after seeing Frank and tells Victoria that Frank is obsessed with her, I thought he was just blowing smoke. But then Frank paid her a visit and tried to kiss her. Seems Conrad was spot on.

When Frank learns about the videotape of him chasing Lydia, he goes over to her building to investigate. He goes through surveillance video and sees Nolan entering Lydia's apartment. Frank goes after Nolan. Nolan is so rattled by this, he goes to Emily and tells her she's on her own. What neither knows if Frank is watching them. Frank calls Victoria telling her he thinks someone is setting them all up.

Now that Frank is on to Emily, how long before he finds out who she really is.

On the Declan front, when Jack won't give him money to take Charlotte out to a fancy restaurant, he steals lobsters from some fishermen's lobster traps and sells them to get money. Of course, dim wit doesn't cover his tracks and the fishermen track him down, wanting to beat his brains out. Jack stops them and Daniel pays the men what Declan stole from them. And how does Declan repay Daniel? By urging his brother to go after Daniel's girlfriend. See? That's why I call him a worthless piece of dirt.

Also, felt bad for the little twerp the first time someone tried beating him up. Not anymore. Not that I think letting this idiot really be beaten up would knock any sense into him. After he mouthed off to his father and the result was his father dying, you'd think that would have gotten through to this idiot, but he's only gotten worse. It's a pity good old Declan isn't on Emily's revenge hit list. That might be one way to get rid of him. This character is the only sour note in a great cast of characters.

Back to Frank; this guy is really unpredictable and possibly capable of anything. He may be the first honest threat Emily's had to succeeding in her plans for revenge.


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