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Revenge -- Like Mother, Like Daughter

Updated on October 23, 2012

In this episode we discovered just how much Amanda is like Mama Clarke. They both were willing to do anything to find what they were looking for. For Amanda, she was willing to serve Emily and her baby up on a silver platter to Victoria just so she could find out where her missing mama was. As for Mama Clarke, she showed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Donatello, she was smarter than the average bear and he needed to go back to his sensei rat, Mr. T, for some more education.

When Donatello goes back to see April...I mean, Amanda, she tells him she knows he found her mommy dearest, and Donatello realizes it was Mama Clarke as innkeeper of the no-tell motel. He rushes back to Mama Clarke's No Tell Motel and tries to shine her on to get all the information White Hair has. But it turns out she's shining him on and shoots him in the neck with some kind of dart gun. When he wakes up he finds himself tied to a chair as she sails out the door. She also reveals she was married to White Hair before taking off. Bad, Ninja Turtle, bad!

Meanwhile, Emily packs her things and leaves Jack because he won't trust her. Then she goes to stay with the person who is the reason he doesn't trust her. This time when Emily doesn't want to play Amanda's sick games with Victoria, she pulls out the, "but my mama's alive" card, and once again Emily caves to her and does her bidding.

Victoria wants to see the journal that Emily showed Charlotte and Amanda is convinced that Victoria knows where Mama Clarke is. She has Emily wear a wire so she can spoon-feed her everything to say to Victoria. When Charlotte comes in Victoria announces they're throwing a baby shower for Amanda. Amanda, insists Emily go to the shower and get her the info she needs, and she agrees, which is a mistake that she'll pay a high price for making.

Emily gets Victoria's signature on the check to pay for the journal, and then Amanda has her confront Victoria about pretending to be Charlotte Clarke and visiting Mama Clarke in the sanitarium. Emily and Victoria have this confrontation on the upstairs landing and when Victoria tries to yank the visitor's sheet out of Emily's hand, Emily loses her balance and falls over the railing down to the floor below.

At the hospital the doctors have to perform a C-section to take the baby out early and have to induce a coma to try and save Emily's life. It's a big question if either are going to make it. Amanda drops by and sees Mama Clarke in the room visiting Emily. As she looks at Mama Clarke, she recalls the woman trying to drown her as a child. That's why David Clarke had her put away.

After having this memory, what does our selfish little sociopath Amanda do? Does she worry Mama Clarke will try and murder an innocent woman she mistakenly believes is her daughter and get her away from Emily? Oh, heck no, she goes home to have a little pity party for herself. I think the writers expect us to feel sorry for this soulless sociopath who is responsible for the fact that both Emily and her baby could die. Sorry, I don't feel anything for her but disdain and repulsion.

Nolan's big story for the week was to discover his father was dead and that he kept a scrapbook of all of Nolan's achievements over the years. Padma gets Nolan to box up all of his father's things in his storage locker before they can be auctioned off.

It seems that a sting is being pulled on Jack to get his bar, the question is how far does the sting go? Declan was told by Trey that he can't get back the stuff they stole, so Jack had to tell this Ryan dude, who said the stuff was worth $20,000. Then Jack is told the bar still has mold issues and he can't reopen it. But it seems it's a lie this Ryan dude came up with because he's after Jack's bar. The question is is this Trey also part of it and did he set Declan up from the start?

While all the drama between Victoria and Emily is going down at home, Conrad is meeting with the female head of The Initiative. Before leaving, Conrad instructs Ashley to keep an eye on Daniel and report back to him, because he isn't buy this nice act that Daniel is putting on towards him. Unfortunately, for Conrad when he calls up Ashley, Daniel suspects Ashley is spying on him for Conrad and gets confirmation when he goes through her phone. However, he eavesdrops on Ashley and Conrad when Conrad gets backs and hears Ashley telling Conrad she won't spy on Daniel any longer. Afterwards, Daniel takes her to bed. Does he believe she's on his side now or is he merely shining her on?

Meanwhile, Declan and Charlotte seem to reconnect. Maybe she'll be able to bail Jack and Declan out of their financial problems or figure out they're being set up.

Finally, Victoria burns the check she wrote out and the visitor's page she signed as Charlotte Clarke. Now no one can prove she ever visited Mama Clarke.

The actress that plays Charlotte claimed we'd see just how bad Conrad is in this episode. Did I blink and miss it? Victoria did worse things that Conrad did. It really bugs me when an actor claims something is going to happen on their show and when you tune it to see it it doesn't happen.


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