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Revenge -- Lydia's Back

Updated on January 5, 2014

And there won't be any trouble

Lydia is like a prettily wrapped Christmas present. You excitedly pull the wrapping off the package expecting to find something wonderful inside, but all you find is an empty box. I got all excited thinking Lydia might do something, when Lydia basically did nothing, per usual.

It turns out Victoria got the floozy off the plane before exploded and saved her life. It seems Lydia is all put out because Victoria came back and resumed her life while Little Lydia has been having to live in exile. So she took up Margaux on the chance to stick it to the Graysons and to line her pockets with some money. However, there are no flies on Margaux and she figured out pretty quickly that Lydia was just stringing her along and getting all the money out of her that she could but [as any viewer should remember] would ultimately deliver nothing. So Margaux quickly cut the money train off and kicked Lydia out of the expensive hotel she was putting her up in.

But fear not. In nothing flat, Lydia was back on her back in Conrad's bed, even though he had tried to kill her. It didn't take much to get her there either. He just had to say a few words about how he had missed her and she melted into a pool at his feet.

Any hopes that Lydia would actually be a threat to Emily and her plotting and scheming also proved to be false hopes, as well. In fact, Lydia even ended up helping Psychopathia in one of her schemes, unknowingly.

Daniel wanted to keep it quiet that Emily was pregnant. In short, he didn't want Sara to find out. But much like Conrad was easily able to get Lydia back into his bed, Emily was easily able to provoke Lydia into pushing her and when she fell to the ground a, "My bay-bee!" quickly outted the pregnancy to the world. When Sara found out she and Daniel officially ended things between them.

At the end of the show Lydia found a copy of that picture of Emily in her butt-ugly black wig playing waitress at a party before blonde Emily showed up as Emily Thorne. Should we actually get excited that she might actually do something? Heck no. Odds are she'll do crap. In short, the return of Lydia has been one long boring non-event. She was just filler to drum up some fake suspense that she might actually do something when she did absolutely nothing. Her return has been filler of the worst sort.

And the big cliffhanger was Victoria showing up to tell Emily she won't be coming to her wedding, putting her plan to frame Victoria in jeopardy. Fear not, I'm sure Princess Mean will find a way to make Victoria come so nothing puts her lame-brained plot in jeopardy.

We also got to endure more of the ickfest known as Emily and Aidan. Seriously, are we supposed to buy this icky duo as a real couple? And are we really supposed to be rooting for her to get to go off with her Ken Doll and live happily ever after after destroying Daniel's last chance for happiness? I sometimes think this show doesn't have a clue how this character comes off to the viewers.

I know fangirls just lurve Emily and all she does and see nothing wrong with it and spit and snarl at anyone who is mean to their homie, but I can't be the only person in the audience that can't stand the character and find her to be the biggest villain on the show. I'm living for the moment someone finally shoots this B and fills her full of lead. This character lost the moral high ground and any sympathy factor a long time ago. And keeping the can't act Ken Doll around as her partner-in-crime doesn't help a bit. He's every bit as loathsome as she is. If I'm going to root for some villainous couple I'll take Conrad and Victoria over these two bad-acting drips any day of the week.

It may in fact be time for them to wrap this show up and put it to bed. Emily and her revenge got boring a long time ago. It especially got boring when she started getting revenge on victims she had already marked off with her sharpie after getting revenge on them. That's after deciding not to kill the man who killed her father because her father wouldn't want her to seek revenge. That was the point the show should have ended. Then they dreamed up this lame story about her crazy mother and how the Graysons' faked her death and how some big super bad organization called The Initiative was behind framing David Clarke when that was a jumping the shark moment and didn't gel with what was originally known about why David Clarke was set up to take the fall for Conrad.

The show has really pasts it's expiration date and needs to be wrapped up, since most of the story lines just seem to be repetitive and not very interesting any longer. Personally, I started rooting for the Graysons' to take down the emotionless sociopath a long time ago, because for me they come off more sympathetic than she does, probably because they're all better actors than Emily VanCamp is and for some reason she thinks good acting means speaking in an emotionless monotone and expressing the emotion of a cold fish.

Both Jack and Charlotte are supposed to show the character's softer and good side, but both relationships fail to do that, especially the relationship with Charlotte. Emily can mouth the words all she wants about how much Charlotte means to her, but she'll use her in a New York minute to get what she wants. That's how all her relationships come off; her using them for her own benefit, and that especially fits her relationship with Nolan. And yet the show thinks we're rooting for her and find her sympathetic.

Talk about being out of touch with the masses.


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