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Revenge -- Mason Takes A Fall

Updated on November 13, 2012

It turns out I really over-estimated Mason Treadwell's intelligence. He knows Emily isn't Amanda because she doesn't have the scar on her back that Amanda Clarke is supposed to have. Then he learns the woman calling herself Emily Thorne was in the same facility with her. So does he think perhaps Amanda is Emily and Emily is Amanda? Heck, no. Mason thinks they're lovers. How do you get that from that. And considering Emily just had a kid with Jack why would you think she likes women? How dumb can you get?

If any of us have forgotten what a psychotic whackjob Emily Thorne truly is and think that Jack's love and having a baby has changed her, we all found out otherwise. When she felt Mason was threatening her cushy little life she tried to bash him in the head with a hammer. Lucky for the extremely clueless Mason that Amanda showed up and stopped her from bludgeoning another man to death. Amanda finally told him who she really was and demanded her help her deal with the equally psychotic Mama Clarke, who was out for revenge for the murder of her beloved White Hair. Thanks to Miss Amanda, Mama Clarke believed it was Conrad who whacked him, and she was intent on returning the favor.

Unfortunately, Mason proved once again he wasn't the brightest bulb in the package. Amanda told him to convince Mama Clarke to leave town without seeking revenge and that's all he was supposed to do. Instead, he also told Mama Clarke how the Graysons had set up David and he'd been completely innocent, which only succeeded in revving up Mama Clarke to do murder on the Graysons even more.

Meanwhile, we met Kenny's brother, Nate. He seemed to be up to something crooked involving boats. So both brothers seem to be involved in some type of criminal activity. Is it possible that Jack has gotten himself in bed with the mob?

Donatello gets Nolan to give him proof that David Clarke gave him the start-up money for Nolan's company so Daniel can use the fact that Conrad didn't know that Grayson owned Nolan's company to oust Conrad as head of the company. I still don't get how David Clarke investing money in Nolan's company equals Grayson owning the company. Sometimes I don't think the writers get it either. Anyway, Nolan laments that the wooden little Ken doll has managed to take Amanda from him and now he'll be doing the same for his company.

As it turns out, Amanda actually has a use for Nolan. She asks him to set it up to make it look like Mason murdered White Hair and framed Conrad for the deed. She also tells the wooden little Ken doll to stop her mother; she's at the Graysons and had turned off several security cameras.

Meanwhile, Mama Clarke is holding Conrad and Victoria at gunpoint in Victoria's room. Conrad tries to save Victoria by taking all the blame, surprisingly. And Victoria tries to tell Mama Clarke the truth: basically that she married the man who murdered her husband. Mama Clarke isn't listening as she makes Conrad and Victoria put on black blindfold and kneel at her feet as she prepares to shoot them. Luckily for them, Donatello grabs her from behind and takes her to Amanda.

Mama Clarke claims she really wasn't going to kill Conrad and Victoria. Yeah, I believe that and I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you. They send her on her way. Later, Amanda gives Donatello a tongue bath.

I know it was supposed to be hot and passionate, but it left me cold. I found Conrad and Victoria holding hands as they thought they were going to be die more romantic. Just as I did Padma telling Nolan without or without his company he's still Nolan.

I don't know when it happened, but I'm actually rooting for Conrad.

I guess the biggest loser of the night had to be Mason Treadwell. Not only was he mentally challenged, he also agreed to confess to a murder he didn't commit on the promise Amanda would clear him at a time she saw fit. Seems burning down Mason's house wasn't enough for her, now he has to go to prison for a crime he didn't commit, because he didn't tell the truth about David Clarke.

Little Amanda is actually doing repeats on her previous revenge victims. She drugged Conrad and made it appear he was having a heart attack and then she framed him for White Hair's murder. When The Initiative got Conrad out of jail, and Mason was becoming a nuisance, she decided he should claim he killed White Hair instead. It's really a good thing Lydia is dead, cause she'd probably next make Lydia confess to killing White Hair.

We also found out the name of the head of The Initiative or at least I assume she is. Her name is Helen Crowley and she was looking at a smug and smirking Daniel like a lion looks at a gazelle. Let's see how long Danny Boy is smirking when she's got his family jewels in her iron grip.


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