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Revenge -- Nothing Is Going Emily's Way

Updated on October 27, 2013

And bringing back Aidan may be her biggest mistake yet

I guess the thing I'm enjoying about this season is for once everything isn't going our little sociopath's way. Her holy tool of revenge bit the dust before he could do what she wanted him to do. Patrick slammed the door in her face when she tried to make nice to him, not being sucked into her web like everyone else. And her biggest mistake by far may be bringing back her wooden obsessed Ken doll Aidan to help her get revenge. She's making a lot of dumb moves, this season.

Like giving a statement about Daniel having a DUI to make him look bad to get back at him for trying to cover Conrad's back with the police. When Daniel found out he hit the roof. At this point I have no clue why he's even still engaged to her, much less why he'd even want to marry her.

Since Conrad is no longer in the mood to confess all his sins, Emily decides she's going to pin the good padre's death on him and get him charged with manslaughter since he wasn't supposed to be driving because of his Huntington's. Never mind she's really to blame, as she's been playing with Conrad's meds and having him take medicine for a condition he doesn't even have. Conrad lies and claims he wasn't behind the wheel, but she sets out to finding proof to convict him of the crime.

Jack also decides he wants a piece of the action and wants to be the one to take down Conrad for his wife and brother's deaths. He ends up beating Emily to the salvage yard and examining Conrad's car. Since the airbag deployed, they figure out that's what caused the bruises on Conrad's face. Jack turns the tables on Emily by telling her if she doesn't let him go to the police, he'll tell everyone who she really is.

Unfortunately, for Jack, before he can turn Conrad in, he discovers that someone tampered with Conrad's brakes and that's what really caused the accident, meaning Conrad [and Emily] aren't to blame for Father Paul's death. Then she turns around and makes another mistake, a really big one this time. She asks Aidan if he tampered with Conrad's brakes and she admits Jack figured it out.

The poor little obsessed psycho nearly breaks down in tears when he realizes he's not the only one who knows who Emily really is. He's even more upset when he learns why and when Emily told Jack the truth. She told him to save his life and stop him from killing Conrad. Getting that Emily feels more for Jack than little ole him, he goes to Conrad and Victoria and claims he discovered the brakes on Conrad's car was tampered with and that Jack was the one who did it. Like I said, Emily bringing this psycho back to help her is going to prove to be one of her biggest mistakes, yet.

Nolan claims he wants his own revenge on the Graysons and it appears he's planning to get it through Patrick, or is he? In short does he just want revenge or does he have a thing for Patrick? When Patrick tells him he's leaving the Hamptons, Nolan breaks his vow to stay off the computer and not do any hacking [a vow he refused to break for darling Emily] and hacks info on Patrick.

Nolan tracks Patrick's ex-wife down who has nothing good to say about him. He pays her $20,000 to tell him what she knows. It appears she tells Nolan that Patrick is really into boys and not girls. This makes Nolan's day, as when he sees Patrick again he moves in for a kiss. Patrick, however, backs away and says Nolan was being a bit presumptuous, before Patrick grabs Nolan and sticks his tongue down his throat. Now the question is is Patrick just playing Nolan?

Earlier, Patrick showed he's a case of like mother, like son. He and Victoria team up to pull a sting on a gallery owner named Sheila. Victoria gets Sheila to hire her, then Patrick goes to her offering to sell her one of Victoria's paintings illegally. She takes the bait, as she makes a regular habit of doing stuff like that. When Victoria feels Sheila is shaming her in front of her high society friends she lowers the boom on her and blackmails Sheila into leaving the Hamptons and giving the gallery to Victoria. Afterwards, Victoria thanks Patrick on a game well played. Which makes you wonder if he's really attracted to Nolan or if he's using Nolan the same way Nolan is claiming he's using Patrick to get his revenge.

And in another failure in Emily's grand revenge schemes Conrad discovers he doesn't have Huntington's. Seems because of the accident a doctor not on Emily's payroll examined Conrad and calls Conrad to do an MRI on him. The results show Conrad had never had Huntington's.

Realizing she may have gone too far in alienating Daniel, Emily tries to make nice to him. Unfortunately for her Conrad gave him advice not to cave to her so easily or he'll lose all the power. So Daniel doesn't just roll over and forgive Emily. In fact, he finally asks just why Emily really wants to marry him and she claims it's because she loves him. Meanwhile Jack figures out the real reason Emily wants to marry Daniel and it's to bring everyone down at the wedding.

Although I wouldn't put it past Aidan to cut Conrad's brakes, I think it's going to turn out to be Charlotte. The actress is supposed to be leaving soon. And this is no doubt how she'll go out, trying to kill Conrad for causing Declan's death. I have to say I won't be sorry to see Charlotte go as the actress still is pretty bad in the part. That's will just leave the hopeful departure of the last piece of wood, Aidan.


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