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Revenge -- On The Trail Of White Hair

Updated on May 17, 2012

That dog aged over night

I think the writers must have been listening to fan who said Sammy looked a little too young to be the puppy Jack and Amanda played with as children. Don't get me wrong, I cried when he died. But I also looked at that dog and kept saying, "That dog aged over night."

Amanda starts the episode out watching an old vid of her father being interviewed, by Mason Treadwell, no doubt. Then she switched to spying on Conrad in his office. White Hair showed up and made threats to Conrad's family if the truth comes out about him. It gives Amanda an idea on how to get Conrad to set up a meeting with White Hair so she can follow him and find out where he lives. She has a hidden camera planted in her bedroom and she decides to send a video to Conrad of her and Daniel in bed to make him think White Hair sent it to him as a threat.

Things don't seem to be going too well on the Amanda and Daniel front. She apparently used the old "I've got a headache" excuse so she wouldn't have to put out for him the night before. Daniel wants them to get together with Ashley to plan their wedding. Unfortunately, just as Conrad gets the video and arranges a meeting with White Hair, Daniel and Ashley arrive and won't let Amanda get out of the wedding planning meeting. So she has to send Nolan in her place. But the wedding planning session turns into a disaster when Amanda keeps answering Nolan's texts during the meeting.

Daniel pays Jack a visit with a big check. Conrad wanted Daniel to make sure Jack kept his mouth shut about what really happened on the beach. Jack wasn't really into the meeting, as he was worried about Sammy, who was lying on the floor and seeming to be failing in health. Nolan advised Jack to cash the check or the Graysons might find another way a lot less pleasant to insure he keeps his mouth shut.

Meanwhile, Victoria meets with Agent McGowan wanting to know why Conrad hasn't been arrested yet. He says they don't have enough evidence and can't get a search warrant to search Conrad's apartment. Victoria promises to get the man the evidence he needs. So she sashays over to Conrad's apartment and discovers that sleazy skank Lydia is living there with Conrad. She's wearing a barely-there robe that's barely closed. The woman has absolutely no shame. She's just low grade trash.

Victoria leaves and returns later to have a little chit-chat with the Super Skank. She tells her she should cooperate with her and maybe Victoria can get her the same sweet deal with the feds that she has. Otherwise, little Lydia could go down as an accomplice to the crimes as well as committing perjury at David Clark's trial. Lydia doesn't do anything as Victoria slashes open the fake painting she sold Conrad when they first met and finds Conrad's stash of evidence hidden behind it. Later, Lydia claims she tried to stop Victoria, which she obviously didn't.

Conrad storms over to the house to the family meeting Charlotte's drug addiction counselor set up. He takes Victoria on at the meeting, which causes Charlotte to run-off. Later, Daniel vows Victoria will be dead to him if she doesn't stop trying to put Conrad in prison. Not wanting to lose Daniel, Victoria hands over to him the evidence she took from Conrad's apartment, then listens at the door and discovers it was all a plan between Conrad and Daniel to get her to hand over the evidence. Amanda is watching this from her hidden camera and obviously plans to try and get the evidence out of Daniel's brief case.

Nolan gives Amanda a fake address to where White Hair lives while he goes inside White Hair's place to plant a hidden camera. However, it appears White Hair knew exactly what Nolan was doing, since he puts a fake video feed for Nolan to watch, thinking White Hair is still at his house, while he sneaks up behind Nolan and chokes him until he passes out.

Charlotte comes over to see Declan and catches another girl coming out of his bathroom. It was actually innocent. They were studying together when Jack noticed that Sammy was missing. Declan and his study partner went out looking for Sammy and she got wet, so he gave her a T-Shirt to change into. After leaving Declan, Charlotte goes off and purchases more drugs.

Sammy, with his last strength, collapses on Amanda's doorstep and she calls Jack. As they say goodbye to their old friend together, Jack and Amanda share a kiss. They later bury Sammy on the beach together. Jack wants to know what happens now between him and Amanda now that they've shared a kiss.

Maybe nothing, as Amanda ends the show leading Daniel up to bed while her eager little eyes focus on his brief case she believes has all the evidence she needs to bring down the House of Grayson. However, since Victoria listened at the door of Daniel's office after handing it over, is what she handed over the real evidence or does she still have it? And just what is going to happen to Nolan now that White Hair has turned the tables on him? Will the man who murdered David Clarke and a whole plane full of people claim Nolan as his next victim?


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