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Revenge Series Finale: Was the Journey Worth the Outcome?

Updated on May 22, 2015

The series finale of Revenge begins with a flashback where David is reassuring Amanda that he will be there to bring her back if she ever goes bad. We then are pulled back into the present time, where Amanda is in jail for the murder of Victoria Grayson. Upon finding out that Ben has been murdered, she takes revenge into her hands once again. The first step to this is pleading guilty to the murder of Victoria Grayson. This seems like a bad move, but Nolan and Amanda have made escape plans in case either of them even became incarcerated again. Soon after her escape, she and Jack find themselves in New Jersey at the home of Mary Gaines. After a careful search of the property, they discover that Victoria was there, and that this is where Ben was murdered. Amanda leaves while Jack is getting breakfast for them to confirm that the dental records were faked. Then, Nolan informs Amanda that Margaux has been transferring funds to a notorious assassin, and they fear that Jack is in danger since he is at the home of Mary Gaines. Jack is stabbed with what could have been a fatal wound, but luckily an officer arrived just in time to rush him to the hospital and save his life. At Jack’s bedside, Amanda vows to take Victoria’s life and end this once and for all.

Meanwhile, Victoria has once again run to Margaux for help pulling off her fake death. Margaux has made plans for her to leave the country on a private jet, but Victoria has other plans. She attends her own funeral in hopes of seeing her children one last time, but neither Charlotte nor Patrick were grieving their loss. After hearing Louise’s heartfelt words at her funeral, Victoria decides to tell her that she is alive. This crazy need to relieve Louise’s pain only backfires in Victoria’s face when her little “poppit” decides to tell Amanda exactly where to find her.

As Amanda comes face to face with Victoria, gun in hand, Victoria feels she has little to worry about and warns her that the room is filled with cameras that will record her every move. Right before Amanda pulls the trigger, David steps into the room and takes the shot himself. He is protecting his daughter just like he promised her he would in the earlier flashback. Victoria is not through, with her dying breaths, she picks up the gun from the floor and shoots Amanda in the heart. Shortly after the shooting, we come to Amanda in the hospital where she is having a nightmare that Charlotte saved her life by authorizing a heart transplant from Victoria. What a twist having the person’s heart that Amanda wanted to murder is what actually saved her life.

In the end, Amanda and Jack get married. They plan to take their honeymoon sailing on the boat that Amanda’s father revitalized. Amanda surprises Jack with a puppy, which brings their story full circle, back to the time when she had to leave Sammy with him as she was being taken away. David does go to prison for the murder of Victoria, but as his illness becomes worse, he is awarded a compassionate release so he can be with his daughter. He dies on the front porch of their home looking out into the snow as he tells Amanda to look at the carving and reminds her that he loves her infinity times infinity. The second grave in this finale was meant for her, but her father’s love saved her from that fate.

How did the season finale of Revenge bode for you?

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Nolan is unsure of the path his life is going to take now that Amanda’s revenge is over, but a promising mission to help a man clear his mother’s name is dropped in his lap at the end of the episode. Will we possibly see more of Nolan in a spin-off? Overall, I am satisfied with the way Revenge ended. How did you like the series finale?


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