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Revenge -- So Who Will Finally Give Emily A Dose Of Her Own Medicine?

Updated on January 5, 2014

And will it be all that shocking?

The show has been dropping hints that the person who will shoot the little blonde monster will be shocking. They even had a list of names and only two shocking names were on the list: Jack and Nolan. Jack has been in love with Amanda Clarke since he was a child and the reason he ended up marrying the real Emily Thorne is because he thought she was Amanda Clarke, while Nolan has been her trusted ally from day one. But would one of them finally see what a destructive beast she had become and decide she needed to be put down before she could harm anyone else?

As it turned out it was neither Jack nor Nolan and the person who did pull the trigger on the vile witch was hardly shocking. Actually, our shooter was fairly predictable.

The wedding was fast approaching and our vengeful psycho was trying to find a way to get Victoria to the wedding so she could fake her murder and frame Victoria for it. That's when she came up with getting Conrad to bring Victoria's beloved Patrick back but the caveat was Vicky had to come to the wedding. Victoria was willing to pay that price so she could have her beloved first born back.

Of course, this was music to Nolan's ears. Unfortunately, Patrick didn't apparently think Nolan's breadstick tasted too nice as he didn't want to take another ride on it, and rejected Nolan's advances for a renewal of their romance. Since the bride couldn't have Patrick sticking like glue to his Mama's side [and giving her an alibi] she got Nolan to lure him away, as Nolan made his move to get Patrick to reunite with him. Unfortunately, Patrick picked up the wrong remote and discovered Nolan's hidden wall safe. Ruh-roh! Are we going down Tyler territory, again?

Jack started the episode extremely pissed at the bride. Since they were saying goodbye, she thought it would be a good time to tell him all about Real Emily's dying moments. Jack was furious she hadn't told him before and says she only tells people what she wants them to know when it suits her agenda. And I thought he had a very good point. She could have told him about his wife's dying moments months ago when he found out who she was. She's a manipulator and probably only revealed it at this moment thinking it might make her goodbye with Jack a little more warm than it might have otherwise been. It was warm, all right. He was foaming at the mouth over her manipulative behavior. Then she sent him something that belonged to Emily [it kind of looked like a compass] and Jack decided to say a nicer goodbye to Psychopathia and went down to the water where she was supposed to rendezvous with the Ken Doll after she faked her death. Only the witch never showed up and her boys started worrying about her.

Daniel was a pretty miserable groom on his wedding day. He so didn't want to marry this vengeful B and he would have felt less like kissing the bride at the altar if he had seen her tonguing her Ken doll in her wedding gown before walking down the aisle. Not even on their wedding day could this skank give Daniel even an modicum of fidelity. I'm just surprised she didn't hike up her skirts and give Aidan one more ride for the road. That's how truly disgusting she is.

After his fate was sealed and he was legally married to the witch, he started drinking heavily. Something he continued to do on the yacht. Daniel couldn't resist trying to contact Sara and he learned she tried to commit suicide.

Okay, I really find that hard to believe. She propositioned Jack and he turned her down, but she didn't seem in the frame of mind to kill herself. Your telling me a woman who fought back to get back her mobility would just kill her because her boyfriend married someone else? Sorry writers, I am just not buying it. I think it was done to give Daniel motivation for what he was about to do, but it really doesn't fly.

So what did Lydia do with the picture of our vengeful psycho in her butt-ugly black wig? Why she used it to blackmail Psychopathia into giving her back the beach house. Then at the nth hour and not in time so Victoria could have stopped the wedding, Lydia shows Victoria the picture, which confirms to her all her suspicions about her new daughter-in-law but really doesn' t tell her anything in the long run.

This was what they brought Lydia back for? They could have easily left the character dead and just had Victoria come across the photo in Conrad's stuff and make the discovery for herself.

Anyway, Victoria goes to confront the little B and Emily brags how she isn't pregnant and trapped Daniel into marriage. Then the Ken doll sneaks up behind Victoria and chloroforms her to lock her in her cabin so Emily can put her frame job in action. Even though the evidence they planned to use against Victoria [a bracelet with gunpowder residue] she threw over the side of the boat. However, I suppose the police will find it and the gun powder residue will miraculously still be on the bracelet even though it's been soaking in ocean salt water.

While Ken is abandoning ship to meet Psycho Barbie at their rendezvous point, Barbie gets an unpleasant shock. Daniel comes out of the shadows after hearing everything the B had said to Victoria. Before she can pick up the gun, Daniel picks it up and empties it right into her cold heartless chest. He does try to grab her before she falls overboard but once she does he disposes of the gun and returns to the party acting like nothing happened.

As I said, it was pretty predictable having Daniel shoot her.

And proving ABC and this show can do nothing right, they show a promo showing Emily just fine in the hospital but she's got amnesia. So much for the cliffhanger wondering if she's alive or dead.


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