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Revenge -- The Doctor Gets A Taste Of Her Own Medicine

Updated on October 12, 2011

Just How Bad Is Victoria?

She's really bad. I don't know what she had against Young Amanda, but Victoria entered Cruella DeVille Land. She got Amanda institutionalized and made sure the shrink, the hideous Dr. Banks, would keep Amanda from ever seeing her father and trying to poison her mind against her own father. In return, Dr. Banks got a lucrative private practice with all of Victoria's rich friends.

Fast forward to the present and Emily has been going to Dr. Banks for counseling for a year. She's aware that the good doctor likes to secretly tape her patient's sessions. She hacks into the shrinks computer and puts together a compilation of Banks' patients spilling their guts that will be played at Victoria's tea party.

Doing unto Victoria what she did unto her, Emily makes sure the clip of Victoria will cause major problems between her and her daughter Charlotte. In Victoria's video clip she's saying sometimes she wished she'd never had Charlotte.

Victoria is heard ranting and raving threats against Dr. Banks, so when the woman disappears, Victoria is the prime suspect. This is more of an eye for an eye from Emily, as she recalls Victoria stealing David Clarke's laptop to set him up for the crimes he was accused of.

Victoria looks even more guilty when a police tip reveals that Dr. Banks was locked in a storage compartment that is owned by the Graysons. Since Victoria is also claiming innocence for setting up Kingsley, it seems Emily also set her up for that, as well.

Conrad believes Victoria did it and he pays Lydia a visit in the new digs his money bought for her. It isn't long before their knocking boots in her bed. When Victoria calls him on his cell, he just ignores it. So Victoria seeks out Frank and asks him to stay. Frank also gives her a fake alibi for when Banks vanished so the police have nothing on her. It makes you wonder just what is really going on between Frank and Victoria.

Daniel's friend Tyler is what one would term a frenemy. He acts all friendly on the surface, but some of his actions make you wonder. He lies to Daniel that Emily cancelled dinner plans with him, and he erases all her calls to Daniel from Daniel's cell phone. He also gets Daniel to go out drinking, but Tyler only pretends to drink with Daniel, as he's stone cold sober. The big question is just what his game is.

Another frenemy is Nolan. He knows Emily wants to avoid any contact with Jack, but he keeps trying to push them together.

And I just have to comment on Jack's brother, Declan. He's a total douche bag. He makes me wish that Charlotte's cheating boyfriend would come and beat him up again.

Another great episode that leaves you with a lot of questions. It seems Emily isn't the only game in town.


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