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Revenge -- The Fall Finale

Updated on December 15, 2012

It only took me 2 weeks to finally watch

Which I don't think is a good thing. The show is really stagnating. Or should I say the Amanda/Aiden part of the show is stagnating, otherwise the show is pretty good. But since the Ryan brothers and their revenge plot against Jack is going full-steam ahead, Amanda and her tired old revenge plot seems unneeded on the show, as does she. Maybe it's time to reveal who she is to everyone and have someone kill her. That would really rejuvenate the show.

Anyway, Amanda and her little Ken doll were plotting to get Daniel in as the head of Graysons. When they heard Ashley trying to turn Daniel against the Ken doll, they sent Victoria a video of Ashley and Conrad doing it on the desk. Victoria, however, uses their little video to force Ashley into bedding a key board member named Salvador that Daniel is trying to woo, to get him to vote against Daniel. When our peeping Dick and Jane find out about it, they make sure Daniel finds out about it and throws Ashley out. Daniel also snaps a shot of Ashley and Salvador and forces him to vote for him or he'll send the photo to Salvador's wife. So Daniel is appointed head of Graysons, but since Daniel's jealous and wants his precious little Amanda back, he double crosses her Ken doll and cuts him off at the knees. So all their plotting and scheming was for naught. That was the D plot of the night.

Now for the stories that were actually interesting.

Nolan got a blast from the past when his ex-boyfriend Marco showed up to help Daniel force Nolan into signing 51% ownership of his company over to Daniel. Marco, however, isn't through with Nolan, yet. He also forces Nolan to give him his old job back when he threatens to reveal that Nolan has emptied a bank account that was set up for Amanda Clarke. Marco thinks Emily is Amanda and that she's living above a bar poor not knowing she has money that Nolan has taken for himself. So to protect the ever-ungrateful Amanda, Nolan gives in to Marco's demands. To say things are going to get interesting with his new lover, Padma and his ex-lover, Marco around.

Duncan, the guy that really killed Nate and Kenny's father, Joe Ryan, pops back into town and warns Jack he needs to get out of his partnership with Kenny. Jack asks Nolan to find out what he can on the Ryan boys, and Nolan learns Nate just got done doing time and that they're Joe Ryan's sons. Then Charlotte runs in to say a man has been beaten on the docks. It's Duncan and the ones who attacked him were the Ryan boys. He tells Jack that he killed Joe Ryan, but the Ryan boys think it was Jack's father, Carl, who did it. He also tells Jack that his father hid the gun on Jack's boat.

Later, Jack discovers that Nate had his father's old address book and finds a name crossed out in it. Then he goes to his boat and pries up the floorboards and finds the gun that Duncan used to kill Joe Ryan.

As the episode comes to a close, Victoria calls up Amanda wanting her help, as The Initiative watch Daniel in Conrad's old office as they take a vote on him.


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