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Revenge -- The Return of Lydia

Updated on October 22, 2011

One new show that isn't faltering and only is getting better is Revenge.

Lydia has returned determined to get back everything she's lost, including Victoria's friendship. She's been sleeping with her "best friend" Victoria's husband and she seriously thinks Victoria would ever want to be friends with her? This woman is seriously delusional. Maybe she thinks she and Victoria are on Sister Wives, because Lydia also doesn't seem to plan to stop screwing her besties husband anytime soon. I wasn't the least bit sorry when she met her fate.

Nolan, for some reason only known to Nolan, plants a hidden camera so he can spy on Emily. I don't know if Emily figured that out, but she puts the dolphin figurine with it's hidden camera in a box for Lydia. She told Lydia she'd give her a few of her momentoes since she wouldn't give her the beach house back. Other things Emily puts in her little care package to Lydia are: a book Dr. Banks signed personally for Lydia, although it might have been a fake, to frame Lydia for being behind all of Dr. Banks personal videos being revealed to the public. Emily also put a print out of Kingsley's downfall. The result is when Frank searches Lydia's place, he finds all these things and believes Lydia is the one who has been behind everything that's been happening. Did Emily plan it this way? Seems so?

Another schemer in everyone's midst, who even managed to cause our Miss Emily some trouble is Daniel's friend, Tyler. He manages to get a job in Conrad's company. Daniel is also set to work there, but Tyler just happens to let it slip to Daniel that Lydia is his daddy's piece on the side. After that, Daniel refuses to work for Conrad, and as a result Conrad cuts Daniel off financially to the point Daniel asks Jack for a job as his new bartender. Did Tyler plan it this way? And just what is Tyler's game?

Victoria is furious when she learns Lydia is back. She's even more angry when Lydia has the nerve to crash her charity meeting. Adding fuel to the fire is the ever-smiling Emily who mentions that Lydia has a signed book from Dr. Banks and just happens to point out that there was no video of Lydia revealed to the public. But Victoria is forced to pretend to give Lydia what she wants when Frank finds a speech Lydia intends to give at the charity function honoring the Graysons for their help to victims of the plane brought down by terrorist where she reveals Conrad was using the terrorists to launder money and that they framed an innocent man for his crime.

Lydia is dumb as well as delusional as she buys Victoria wants to be friends with her, again. Once Lydia is finished with her speech, Victoria lowers the boom on this delusional dimwit. Again, what moron would think Victoria would be friends with her again after what she did. She didn't just break the sisterhood code on not doing your best friend's husband, she also blackmailed Conrad for quite a hefty pot of chump change. I don't know, maybe she thought because she got where she was on the back of an innocent man she framed for a crime she didn't commit, she thought it would work, again.

It's actually a good thing for Emily that Nolan planted his little spycam as he sees Lydia spotting Emily with dark hair working at a waitress in the background of a picture of Lydia and Victoria. Nolan tells Emily, who tells Nolan that before she became Emily, she infiltrated the Grayson's house working as a waitress under her real name. Lydia is trying to get a list of employees who worked the party and Emily sends Nolan to get his hands on it before Lydia sees her name.

Alas, poor Lydia's return to the social world she craved would turn out to be her exit. Frank is waiting for her when she gets home and they get into a tussle and Lydia takes a header off the balcony and lands with a large thump on the roof of a car down below. What Frank is unaware of is Nolan's little spycam recorded the whole thing. Something Nolan realizes when he slips into Lydia's to recover the employee list the catering company sent to Lydia. When he hears sirens outside the building he looks down below and sees Dead Lydia as a roof ornament on some unlucky person's care. Do they have insurance for a dead body falling on your car and damaging it?

Nolan rushes home to view the deadly video and is deeply shaken. He tries to call Emily, but she's welcoming Daniel into her bed as they become lovers.

I think what's interesting about this show is Emily isn't the only one with her own game plan. Nolan claims he just wants to help Emily because of her father, but is there more to the story? Daniel's friend, Tyler, has his own agenda, as well, and he seems more frenemy than friend. And Conrad, who originally seemed like the nice one and Victoria the bad one, is really turning out to be the bad one. It was Victoria's guilt over all those people dying because of what Conrad did that made her insist they had to help the families of the plane crash victims.

The key to the show is its characters and the writers are developing some very interesting and complex characters that is turning this show into more than just a show about one girl's revenge against the people who destroyed her father's life.


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