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Revenge: Treachery

Updated on November 16, 2011

Revenge: Treachery


Revenge: Treachery

Revenge is a show about a young girl with no ties and unlimited wealth who returns to the Hamptons where she grew up to see revenge no the people who betrayed her Father and framed him for a crime. Victoria Grayson was having an affair with Emily’s Dad and was instrumental in having her sent away to an institution after her Father’s arrest. And Emily Thorne is a young, intelligent beautiful girl with unlimited money and yet she spends everyday plotting revenge on her Father’s enemies? Even in the opening show in the voice over she says “ When seeking revenge dig two graves.”. So she is abundantly aware this may not be in her best interest and yet she is absolutely pathological about seeking revenge even at the expense of her own life and happiness. But that is what makes a great tragedy.

Emily has complicated her plans by falling in love with Daniel Grayson. Jack a local townie also has something for Emily but she is focused on Daniel. This causes Victoria to have Emily Thorne investigated.

Lydia is recovering from her near fatal fall at Victoria’s house and she knows Emily Thorne is not actually who she claims to be. She has threatened to expose Emily to Victoria.

And the real Emily Thorne who was formerly a stripper and is now masquerading as Amanda Clark has moved into the Hamptons which threatens all of Emily’s plans for revenge.

So Emily has to act quickly and decisively in order to protect her identity so she continue seeking revenge.

Revenge: Treachery Trailer


Emily stashes the real Emily Thorne at Nolan's house. Victoria takes in Lydia who has amnesia for the time being. Apparently Tyler is bi-sexual as he sleeps with Ashley. Victoria has kicked Conrad out of the House. Daniel decides to give the family business a try. Frank's body turns up.

Poor Jack runs into Amanda Clarke. If he didn't have bad luck with women he wouldn't have any luck at all. And Emily is rare fearful of the explosive personality of Amanda. Emily is willing to pay off Amanda and get her a new identity.

Lydia's memory loss seems fake as she remembers Emily Thorne was at an New Year's Eve party at the Grayson's in 2003. Nolan confronts Amanda. And Amanda comes clean. Emily sends Amanda out of the country.

This show is very intense and intriguing.


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