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Revenge -- Truth And Lies

Updated on February 11, 2012

The Invitations Go Out

Everyone gets an invite to Amanda and Daniel's engagement party. You know what that means? We're finally back to the moment when the series began with Daniel shot on the beach and Jack pulling him out of the drink.

But first, Nolan is not happy that Amanda isn't keeping her word to him and backing off the revenge thing. She tells him Victoria said her father raped her and she's not going to let her get away with that. She also intends to reveal to all the truth about Charlotte's true paternity. Needless to say, Nolan's pretty much had enough.

Jack throws a spanner in the works when he finds a tape under Emily's bed or an interview between Amanda and Mason Treadwell. Jack tries to use it to get Emily to see him. When Amanda gets wind of it, she's determined to get it back and enlists Emily's help in doing so. Emily agrees to see Jack and her no-tell motel room. Only Jack refuses to give the tape up. When Amanda wants Emily to keep going at Jack until he gives it up, Emily has had enough and says she's going after Jack.

Amanda's plan B is for Nolan to erase the tape when Jack comes to him to view it. But when Jack tells Nolan that Nolan is his only friend, Nolan can't do it and lets Jack see what's on the tape. It's a tape of Young Amanda telling Mason about Victoria's affair with her father.

Conrad's father, Edward shows up, and he's Team Victoria. He doesn't want some divorce scandal ruining the company he built. When all of Victoria's dirty linen gets aired courtesy of Jack and Conrad, Edward says he wants Daniel to take over the company. I loved seeing William Devane. Would love if he became a regular. He still looks great.

Anyway, during the party [not the Fire and Ice Ball, I swear they have a different party, every week] Jack storms in and wants to know how Victoria could have not lifted a finger to help Amanda when she was shagging her father. Then Conrad stands up and reveals Charlotte is David Clarke's child when Daniel is still defending Victoria and claiming she was raped. Conrad has to explain the brass facts in tiny one syllable words before Daniel finally faces the truth that mommy lied and was cheating on daddy.

For once, Amanda wasn't behind that mess that happened at this party. She'd planned to release a DVD, but Jack and Conrad did it all for her.

In other news, Conrad tells suck-up Ashley she's wasting her time toadying to Victoria, because it'll get her nowhere, and she should instead be toadying up to him. Wonder if Ashley will become Conrad's new Lydia? And Amanda comes home to find the cache of her revenge memorabilia missing and an invitation to the Fire and Ice Ball left being, saying Emily Throne will be there. So it appears Emily may want a little revenge of her own.


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