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Revenge -- Tyler's Back And There's Going To Be Trouble

Updated on February 16, 2012

The episode begins the way the series began, with a body laying on the beach face down. Someone with black gloves is removing Amanda's revenge photo from the dinner jacket of the man laying face down in the sand, presumably dead. Then we flashback to the events leading up to the Fire and Ice ball cum Damon and Amanda engagement party.

Amanda doesn't believe Emily was behind the theft of her revenge box and she turns out to be right when Tyler calls her up to inform her that he has not only the revenge box in his possession, but Emily as well. He wants cash and tells her not to call of the engagement party. Then he decides to open up Emily's eyes to just how much Amanda isn't her BFF by showing her the contents of the revenge box. Tyler believes Amanda killed Frank and then planted evidence on him to frame him for the crime. Well, he's half-right. He plans to get his revenge on Amanda by killing Daniel and framing her for it.

Jack gets a call from Father Rick who invites him down to Haiti to take a job and Jack decides to take it. He goes and says goodbye to Amanda and Nolan and gives Sammy to Amanda, not realizing he's giving the dog back to its original owner. Nolan urges Amanda to go with Jack, but she refuses. Just as Jack is about to leave on his boat Emily shows up asking Jack to take her with him. She escaped from Tyler, who was insisting she got to the Fire and Ice ball. No idea why he wanted her to come. After Jack agrees to take her with him, she says she has to pay the cab, but instead takes off in it. Jack looks down at his hand and sees blood. Did Tyler succeed in shooting Emily when she ran from him?

Charlotte crashes at Declan's and finds Jack's oxycodone prescription and swipes it. Declan also wants Charlotte to talk with someone about discovering she's really David Clarke's daughter. She agrees, but when Grampa Grayson gets wind of it he cuts a deal with her. Declan failed his entrance exam to the school she wants him to attend with her. He'll pull some strings if she doesn't go see the therapist. Therapists have lose lips and he's intent on no scandal falling on his company. Really hope the show signs William Devane and makes him a regular. He really adds something to the show.

Grampa Grayson also gets Daniel to take a meeting with Mr. T, who is in town for Daniel and Amanda's engagement party. Daniel makes it short and sweet. He intends to take Amanda and get out of dodge. He's had enough of his family. Amanda tries to text Mr. T when she learns Daniel is with him and he won't take her call.

Conrad offers Victoria a deal. He'll give her the house if she forgets getting stock in the company. He wants to avoid the scandal of a messy divorce to keep Daddy from trying to wrest the company out of his control. She eventually agrees. Victoria also reaches a detente with Amanda and asks her to arrange for a meeting with Daniel. Victoria tells Daniel she never said David raped her, he just assumed it. And that's true. She just didn't correct his assumption since it put her in a better light. She also tells Daniel she loved David Clarke. When Daniel tells her he's taking Amanda away to Paris, Victoria warns him she won't want to go. Daniel's so sure he's right, but when he tells Amanda his plan, she refuses to go, and Daniel realizes Mommy was right.

At the party, Mr. T gives Amanda back her revenge box. Daniel watches as she takes it down to the beach to bury it. I was wondering if Daniel saw where she buried it and would dig it up. Not that he really gets a chance, as Tyler comes up to Daniel with a gun drawn. He shows Daniel Amanda's revenge photo. Then he makes Daniel walk down to the shore. Meanwhile, Tyler texts Emily to come down to the beach.

Unfortunately, she can't at the moment, as Victoria is giving her speech celebrating Daniel and Amanda's engagement. Jack hears gunshots coming from the beach and runs there. When he gets there Emily is standing over the body. He tells her to take his car and get away. Later, the car breaks down and she's picked up by none other than Mr. T. I doubt that's a coincidence. Cue threatening music.

Jack drags the body up to the sand and hides as Declan and Charlotte go for a skinny dip. Just then the phone in the body's pocket begins to ring. It's Amanda calling Daniel. Jack pulls his hoodie up and runs for it. Charlotte starts screaming that it's Daniel. Victoria and everyone runs down to the beach, however, when the body is turned over, it's actually Tyler. Daniel comes walking up with blood all over his shirt, unable to remember what happened, as Victoria throws herself in his arms, grateful his beloved son isn't dead.

It appears two different people shot Tyler. Daniel in self-defense, no doubt, since Tyler was aiming to kill him and someone wearing black gloves and who stole the revenge photo back from Tyler. Mr. T, just happened to be wearing black gloves when he picked up Emily. Coincidence?

It was really interesting seeing the same events unfold now that we know these characters and what's going on in all their lives. I really thought it was Daniel, too, until they turned him over and it was Tyler. Great fake out.


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