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Revenge -- Tyler's Revenge

Updated on January 7, 2012

Everybody Run, Tyler's Got A Gun!

Tyler told Ashley he's not bi-sexual, and she assumed that meant he was heterosexual, but after that scene with Daniel I think the man is gay. He never really seemed interested in any woman, Ashley in particular, who was too dumb to notice that. And his hatred of Amanda bordered on jealousy.

Speaking of Emily and Amanda, it's confusing recapping this with these two pretending to be each other. Maybe I'll just call them Amanda and Fauxmanda. Speaking of Fauxmanda, watching her and Jack together makes this whole "I've loved you since I was a child" stuff seem really ridiculous on Jack's part. You mean Jack never experimented with sex when he was a teen. That he's a virgin who has kept himself true to his beloved Amanda? And if he was so in love with her, why didn't he ever go looking for her. And seeing him snookered by Fauxmanda really has killed any momentum the Jack/Amanda thing had going for it.

Nolan and Amanda make-up from their Tyler-inspired spat. Amanda actually apologizes and Nolan admits she wasn't entirely wrong about his feelings for Tyler. Amanda goes on a search and seizure mission to Tyler's place to find the dolphin camera. While there she sees a bottle of Tyler's pills and snatches them. Emily and Nolan learn that Tyler attacked his doctor and Nolan calls Tyler's brother, Alexander, to come and get him.

One couple that is not making up is Conrad and Victoria. Daniel tells Vicky he's going to play mole working for Conrad to get whatever she needs for her divorce. During the meeting with their divorce attorneys, Victoria claims she signed her pre-nup under duress because she was pregnant at the time. Later, Victoria reveals she lied and that after she married Conrad she faked a miscarriage. Her attorney comes up with fake evidence to support Victoria's pregnancy/miscarriage lie so they can get the pre-nup thrown out.

Speaking of Victoria's attorney, he seems to be next up on Amanda's revenge list. But first she needs to remove the pesky problems of Tyler and Fauxmanda. Tyler actually aids Amanda in that goal as without his meds he's coming off the spool.

He starts the hour trying to blackmail Conrad. Then he has a disturbing confrontation with Daniel, where it seemed to me like he was trying to come on to him. Tyler may have faked it with Nolan, but it seems like he may have been actually in love with Daniel. Next he goes to Nolan wanting the dolphin camera and when Nolan won't give it to him, he stabs Nolan and ties him up. Tyler sees that Nolan is watching Amanda's living room from his house and figures that's where the camera is.

Tyler heads over to Amanda's beach house to look for the camera and almost stumbles upon her secret hiding place containing all her revenge paraphernalia. Amanda is hosting Daniel's beach birthday party and when she goes to get his cake, Tyler pulls a gun on her. He holds her at gunpoint and makes her walk back to the party. When Tyler mentions the truth about David Clarke Fauxmanda's ears perk up, so Amanda may have an even bigger problem than Tyler.

Alex arrives and unties Nolan and they rush over to the birthday party. Alex gets Tyler to drop the gun and Tyler's taken into police custody. Thanks to an ever-resourceful Amanda, the police find Frank's wallet on Tyler and he's going to go down for the crime, letting Conrad off the hook.

Amanda has been waving in front of Victoria's nose that Fauxmanda is Amanda Clarke, hoping Victoria will do something about her and get rid of her for her. Unfortunately, Victoria's more concerned with fleecing Conrad in the divorce to do much about it. You know what they say, Amanda, if you want something done, you'd better do it yourself. And she'd better do it fast, because Fauxmanda is getting closer to the truth of what Amanda is really doing.

Unless Tyler manages to escape custody, it lets him off the suspect list for who tried to kill Daniel.


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