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Revenge -- Victoria And Conrad Wed

Updated on November 8, 2012

And Amanda sets Conrad up for murder

More and more with each passing episode I’m rooting for everyone but Amanda. It’s so bad, I’m even rooting for Mason Treadwell, and the man is a total worm. She had her shot at killing the man who murdered her father and she had flashbacks that made her see her daddy wouldn’t want her to do it. Revenge story over. Then began the whole atrocious Mama Clarke isn’t dead story, now she’s back to getting revenge on the Graysons. Been there, done it, don’t want to do it again.

I don’t know, maybe if a different actress was in the part the whole neverending revenge story would be more palatable. It sure isn’t helping that most times the actress is giving someone her dead corpse stare or speaking in that flat monotone voice of hers.

Anyway, it’s Conrad and Victoria’s wedding day, and little Amanda is going to frame Conrad for murdering White Hair so she can ruin the occasion. Why is she after Conrad? Darned if I know. Guess it’s to appease that dead piece of wood with an English accent who tells her to remember what she’s there for. She all but forgot her father when she became obsessed with Mama Clarke. It’s only remembering Mama tried to kill her that she actually remembered him, again.

But first there’s the problem of Mason Treadwell knowing Emily isn’t Amanda Clarke. She sends Emily with fake pictures and a fake story about having the scar on her back removed and to help set-up Mason to discover that Conrad killed White Hair. Emily vows she’ll take care of Mason her way if this doesn’t work. I got a suggestion for her. Why doesn’t she take care of Amanda, instead. This chick lied to her that she was carrying another man’s child to blackmail her into doing her dirty work for her. Mason Treadwell is not the problem, Monotone Barbie is. I’ve grown to like Emily, but when it comes to Amanda she’s just too dumb for words.

I guess that makes her perfect for Jack, since he’s fallen for his new partner’s game hook, line and sinker. His father’s old liquor distributor tries to warn Jack about him, but it falls on deaf ears, as Jack reopens the bar. Later, he takes Emily out on the boat and asks her to marry him. She says yes. I guess she’s forgotten all about coming clean with Jack.

It seems Declan and Charlotte are starting up again. She skips her parents wedding to go to the opening of the bar to spend time with her ex-boyfriend. They even kiss. Yes, these two useless individuals have found each other, again.

Conrad gifts Victoria with a gun for his wedding present to her. However, if he knew Mason Treadwell called her to tell her Conrad was going to be arrested and she didn’t give him a head’s up, he might have decided using the gun on her instead would be a better idea. He has no idea the smile Victoria has plastered across her face as she marries him is because she’s picturing him being arrested at any moment.

At the reception, Daniel makes a plea for them having another chance. She later tells Wooden Ken that she’s glad things didn’t work out with Daniel, because he’s become just like the Graysons. This was probably the most hypocritical and self-righteous remark ever out of Monotone Barbie’s mouth. Daniel’s behaving the way he is because she advised him to be a two-face like she is.

Wooden Ken seems a wee bit obsessed with Two-Face Barbie, because he’s the one who whispered in Daniel’s ear that Grayson may have some rights to Nolan’s company. Seems the wee lad is jealous because little Amanda likes Nolan better than him. He’s also jealous that Daniel was engaged to her, so he seems to figure he’ll kill two birds with one stone by siccing Daniel on Nolan’s company.

Nolan confronts Padma about asking about David Clarke’s contract and the trouble that move could be causing him. He wants to know how far she’s willing to go so they don’t get stung.

As Conrad dances the first dance with Victoria, the police come and arrest him. He thinks Victoria is behind it. Meanwhile Victoria mentions to Mason that Emily Thorne was in juvie and that’s one of the many reasons she didn’t want her with Daniel and all the pieces finally fit into place as Mason figures out who the real Emily and Amanda are.

Mama Clarke learns White Hair is dead. Victoria sees she’s not acting like she’s relieved about it and begins to suspect the real nature of White Hair and Mama Clarke’s relationship. At one point, Victoria looks like she’s afraid Mama Clarke is going to push her off the balcony.

While Conrad is in jail, the Initiative leader pays him a visit. She asks if they can count on his service. She’s planning something else. Conrad didn’t know about the plane and he was set up, much like David Clarke was, apparently. Having no choice, he agrees to what she wants, not sure just what he’s agreed to.

Daniel plans to vote Conrad out as head of Grayson. Sonny boy better not count his chickens before they’re hatched. Little Amanda isn’t happy Conrad is out of jail.

Me, I’m thrilled the shrill princess didn’t get what she wanted and is about to get outted. As I said when I started this recap, I’m Team Anyone But Her. Over time Victoria and Conrad have actually become my favorite characters. They both come off as more sympathetic than the shrill princess does.


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