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Revenge -- Victoria Tries To Frame Jack

Updated on April 19, 2012

Fauxmily Frames Victoria

Revenge has been off for so long I kind of forgot where it left off. It also kind of lost a lot of the momentum it had by being off so long. Networks really need to find a solution for these long hiatuses that disrupt the flow of a show; especially one that is telling an ongoing story.

The first person that Victoria tries to frame for Tyler's murder is Fauxmanda and when that doesn't seem to be a very successful plan, she gets the sketch artist to draw Jack's face in the sketch of the man in the hoodie when Charlotte could only describe a faceless man in a hoodie.

This doesn't sit well with Fauxmily, who has no intention of allowing the Graysons' to frame yet another innocent man for a crime he didn't commit. She suggests what they need is a good spin doctor and suggests they hire Mason Treadwell to be that spin doctor. Conrad thinks that's a good idea.

Meanwhile, Victoria gets to work on finding a way to get Daniel released from jail. Ah, a mother's love is a thing to behold, especially when she hires someone to beat the crap out of Daniel when he's coming out of the shower in prison. But it works. Daniel is released from jail, has an ankle monitor put on him and is allowed to be under house arrest at the Grayson house.

Fauxmily immediately suspects that Victoria was behind Daniel's beating to get him out of jail, so she follows her and sees her paying off the dude she got to arrange the prison beating. She even takes pictures with her cell phone. What did people do without their cell phone? They couldn't record conversations or take pictures. She doesn't stick around long enough, however, or she would have seen Victoria hooking up with an artist who knew her when she went by the name Vicky Harper.

Seems Vicky and The Artist had quite a thing going, but she told him she would never fall in love. I'm guessing she left him to become Victoria Grayson. Conrad isn't pleased when Victoria returns after having her all-nighter. She says she could do what she pleases now that they're divorced; although is the divorce even final yet or going to court?

Nolan informs Fauxmily that Jack is still obsessing over Fauxmanda. It sounds like Mr. T is keeping Fauxmanda a prisoner, but he hasn't killed her. Nolan warns that Mr. T may turn on her if he learns she's trying to get Daniel released from jail, after he so neatly framed Daniel for the crime. Fauxmily thinks it's a good idea to get Jack out of town on a search for Fauxmanda and vows if the Graysons' succeed in framing Jack, she'll come forward and reveal who she really is to clear him. But meanwhile, she wants Nolan to get Mason Treadwell to come back to town and be spin doctor for the Graysons.

Mason is a broken man. He feels he can never write another word now his trusty typewriter melted in the fire. However, when Nolan drops the bait in front of his nose about Daniel being arrested for Tyler's murder, he changes his mind and agrees to write a blog for the Graysons' called The Treadwell Report. His first duty is to make Jack look like he's guilty of the crime, not Daniel.

He goes to the bar and tries to get Jack to admit something. Instead, Declan tells Mason that Charlotte lied and there was no man in a hoodie on the beach. She made it up; she was also high on pills and booze. When Charlotte finds out what Declan did, she tells him her granddaddy had to bribe the school to let him in and after what he did he can forget about it. So Declan loses the girl and the fancy school. I still don't like Declan, but at least he's finally being loyal to his family.

Whether or not Mason would have tried to find a pro-Daniel spin for what Declan said will remain a mystery, because when he gets back to the Grayson's and is writing up his blog, Fauxmily IMs him that it wasn't Fauxmanda who burnt down his house, it was really Victoria framing Fauxmanda for it. Then she tells him to look in the desk drawer and he finds all his interview tapes that he thought got burned up in the fire. Earlier, Fauxmily removed them from the Grayson safe and placed them there. After that Mason does a blog that makes Daniel look as guilty as sin.

When Victoria finds out she confronts Mason, who accuses her of burning down his house. Victoria tries to threaten him in retracting what he wrote, but he threatens her back and warns her to not try to frame Fauxmanda for anything or she'll be the one who pays the price. Victoria thinks it was Conrad who did it, but why would he? It's beyond dumb to think he'd sabotage his own son just to get at her. Victoria also slaps the crap out of Charlotte when she finds her high and says if Daniel goes to jail it'll be all her fault. Conrad sees this and doesn't even offer her any comfort. What a loving daddy. Even though he's not her bio-dad, you'd think he'd still have feelings for a girl he raised as his own.

Victoria shows up at The Artist's door naked. She's better hope that no one's around w/a cell phone. Victoria's usually one smart cookie, but in tonight's episode she lost major IQ points for accusing Conrad of making Mason think she set his house on fire and for arriving at The Artists' door naked.

Fauxmily lost a few IQ points herself when she dons a dark wig and gets the man Victoria paid to arrange Daniel's prison beating to spill what he knows. He apparently is the man who beat up Jack, as well. Like I said the hiatus was so long I really didn't recall where the show even left off. Anyway, she puts her training with Mr. T to good use and beats the crap out of the guy. Before attacking him she says this is for Jack. And when he's out cold and she walks away saying it was also for Daniel. But, seriously, if this guy contacts Victoria and tells her about this and the fact she said the beating was for Jack, isn't that a seriously dumb thing for her to have done?

Finally, with both Fauxmanda and Jack off the framing list, Victoria suggests to Daniel that Fauxmily could have killed Tyler and framed him. Daniel swears if Victoria tries to frame Fauxmily for the crime he'll confess to it, himself. But when Daniel is alone and can't reach Fauxmily on the phone, he does seem to be getting a bit suspicious of her.


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