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Revenge -- Victoria Turns The Tables On Everyone

Updated on October 9, 2012

Amanda's dirty tricks on Charlotte and Emily

I really feel at times that this show has lost the plot. I think it happened around the time it was revealed it took a village for Amanda to enact her revenge plot. And there was never any real explanation for why these people helped her. They seemed to help her just because she was Amanda.

Along the way, Amanda became one of the least likable characters on the show. She’s not that good of a villain; Victoria easily outclasses her. And the real Emily Thorne comes off more likable and sympathetic than she does; especially in this episode.

Emily went to Amanda for help because she promised Jack she would have a paternity test. Turns out Emily had a one-night stand with someone and she’s worried Jack isn’t really the father. She agrees to pull a con on Charlotte if Amanda will make sure the paternity tests say Jack is the father. Turns out Jack really is the father, but Amanda lies to Emily that he isn’t the father. And this is after Emily helped her pull her scam on Charlotte. Emily is actually a better friend to Amanda than she ever has been to her.

Even Victoria came off better that Amanda in this episode. Victoria made Charlotte think she was only using her for her trust fund to protect her from White Hair, while Amanda got Emily to approach Charlotte as a sister to get Charlotte to refuse to leave the country with Victoria. She passed off a stranger to Charlotte as her sister because she wanted to take Charlotte away from Victoria the way Victoria took her mother away from her. And the only time she really thinks about Charlotte being her sister is when she has a use for her. I couldn’t help but root for Victoria when she turned the tables on Awful Amanda and just about everyone else.

Of course, Charlotte isn’t a very good character either, so it’s hard to feel sympathy. Daniel tried to help her, but she copped an attitude with him for not believing her to begin with. While she dissed Daniel for her good buddy Amanda who was using her for all she was worth. It was only when Daniel was going to hand over his trust fund to her that Charlotte felt the sisterly love for Daniel. Turns out she’s the one whose really all about the money. It’s pretty bad when Declan comes off more likable than her.

Speaking of Declan, it seems he’s headed for trouble again. One of Charlotte’s richy-rich buds, Trey Chandler, started sniffing around Declan. He even gave him some jewelry to hold. I’d bet money Declan will get accused of stealing it.

While one could feel a bit sympathetic for Victoria when she drove Charlotte away to protect her; that completely changed when she was dealing with White Hair. She looked like a veritable devil as she sprung her trap on him. Ditto for when she called up Conrad and promised to torment him til the day he died if he didn’t do what she wanted. Of course, when Conrad showed up he must have felt he’d won the lottery when she told him to hit her. By the look of Victoria’s face afterwards, it looked like Conrad had gotten his jollies beating the crap out of Victoria.

Daniel turned on Conrad for stealing Charlotte’s trust fund and wanted nothing to do with him. However, Conrad got his foot back in the mansion when he brought and bruised and battered Victoria home. While he figured out the dirty trick Conrad pulled on Charlotte, he didn’t know his lover, Ashley, was actually Conrad’s mole. She was supposed to keep Daniel distracted only it didn’t work.

Now that Victoria’s back I wonder what she’s going to say when she finds out that Daniel’s doing the help. She’s still worried about Amanda getting her hooks into Daniel. I think she’s welcome Amanda compared to what Daniel’s doing now.

Finally, as White Hair made his escape from Victoria’s trap, he spotted the Clam Cam and knew Amanda had seen what really happened. He went to her place demanding the tape and was just about to slit her throat when Donatello came bursting through the door and shot him dead, saving Amanda.

Not thrilled about Donatello’s arrival. It just reminds me that Mr. T the sensei rat is waiting in the wings somewhere. The whole storyline that before Amanda could seek revenge she needed to be trained by her sensei rat, is when this story really went sour.


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