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Revenge -- Who Am I?

Updated on January 6, 2014

Emily gets amnesia while Daniel spills his guts

I almost watched Downton Abbey instead, but it was kind of boring without Matthew, so I switched to this in time to see Emily's Three Stooges running around in frenzy because Cruella DeThorne's plan blew up in her face. The thing is these three monkeys would have been sitting back cackling over Victoria going down for a murder that never happened, so should I feel sorry that their Queen got a taste of her own medicine and for once she was on the receiving end of someone else's revenge? Heck no. To be honest, I find everyone on Team Emily morally reprehensible.

That's kind of the way I came back watching this show after throwing up my hands and wiping my hands of it last season. I watch with a rather vindictive and I'm totally Team Grayson. Every time something goes wrong for the Queen Of Mean it makes my day.

Anyway, this was the episode where I could no longer stand Nolan and he made my skin crawl. I kept wishing someone would hit him in the head with a bat or something after the way he pranced into the hospital making demands. I see from next week's promo I'm going to get my wish. It appears someone bashes him in the head with the revenge box. Hey, that works, too.

Nolan really is a reprehensible little Emily troll. Just think about it. He was right up to his ears in framing Patrick's mother for a crime she didn't commit, yet the little troll expects him to pick him over his mother. To put his precious little Emily first, when precious little Emily would destroy Patrick in a blink of an eye if it meant getting revenge on Victoria. I was cheering Victoria when she slapped the little troll down and he got no satisfaction.

It got even better when the Ken Doll decided to go in a rescue Emily and put his ring back on her finger. Hey, freak, she's married to another man. You may put your ring on her finger but in the eyes of the law it means nothing. Only to discover Emily had no memory of his wooden self and started screaming for help when he tried to "rescue" her.

Then Troll Nolan suggested Jack go in to see his precious Ems, but the Ken Doll was totally against that. Meanwhile Jack was wearing a hair shirt moaning and groaning how this is all his fault because he gave her a deadline. Yeah, it had nothing to do with her lying about being pregnant and ruining Daniel's one last chance of happiness so he wouldn't slip out of her noose all so she could make his mother suffer. Nah, it's all your fault and precious little Emily is blameless.

Over on the Grayson side of the fence, it seems Cruella DeThorne's plan has worked and Victoria is considered a person of interest. That's when Daniel goes to her and confesses everything and plans to come forward and tell the truth. Victoria has no intention of letting Daniel go down for giving Cruella what she so richly deserved. That's when Margaux comes in and gives her a great idea on who to frame for the crime, instead.

Margaux points out that Lydia lied to the police and she wasn't at the party at the time of the shooting. Let's just say she's evening the score with the double-crossing professional skank for taking her money and delivering nothing in return. And Victoria is more than delighted to frame Conrad's bed warmer when she gets all up in Victoria's grill and smugly destroying one of Victoria's chair by spilling wine on it declaring once she's the lady of the manor she's going to completely redecorate. The only place Lydia the skank is going to decorate is a jail cell if Victoria has anything to say about it.

Victoria tells Conrad he's going to help her frame Lydia for shooting Emily to protect Daniel. It seems Conrad actually loves the sleazy skank, and he's not happy about losing her, again. She must be good in bed, since her personality out of bed leaves a lot to be desired. In fact, I have yet to see any personality, at all. But he sets her up again and she makes a run for it. Afterwards he reams Daniel out for costing his Lydia and vows this is the last time he saves his bacon. Daniel didn't ask him to and said he's sick of sacrificing for the family and basically gets right in Conrad's face and tells him, "Bring it on, old man." Conrad had better watch out. Is he forgetting Daniel just unloaded a gun in his bride's chest. He could the same to you.

In other news, Niko [who saved Aidan's worthless hide when he got shot] was about to inject something into Emily's IV until Jack entered and interrupted her. Then she met Aidan downstairs and laid a big juicy kiss on him. She seems to think she has some future with him. Apparently, he's just shining her on. He tells her to remember what he said that she can't trust the Graysons, while she tells him to remember what she said. She doesn't say what it is, but I'm guessing it was not to trust Emily, which is actually good advice.

Jack visited Emily when Charlotte told him that Emily thinks she's Amanda Clarke. I saw a bunch of fangirls getting excited over some big Clarke Sister Reunion, but Charlotte thought nothing of it because Charlotte's an airhead. Emily told Charlotte some man tried to kidnap her she she wouldn't believe that, either. Speaking of Charlotte, I could swear I read somewhere she was getting written out of this show. If so, they're taking a long time doing it.

Good old Aidan is going to be pissing bricks when he discovers that Jack's visit helped Emily to remember who she is. She also remembers that it was Daniel who shot her. Of course, I'm sure she'll act like the victim and not see she brought this on herself. After all, narcissistic psychos such as herself never think they're to blame for anything or should have to suffer any consequences for their actions.

Finally, Patrick tells Victoria he saw a wooden box in Nolan's safe with the infinity mark on it. Victoria realizes it's the same mark Miss Emily has on her wrist. Is Victoria one step closing to discovering the truth?

So to sum things up. Lydia came, she did nothing but screw Conrad and now she's gone as a convenient scapegoat. So I guess the only reason she was brought back was to pin the shooting on her. Can't say I feel sorry for the vile woman. Maybe if she'd actually done something none of this would have happened. Emily's amnesia only seemed to serve to reestablish the Jack/Emily connection. And Victoria may finally be on the trial to discovering who her arch enemy really is.


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