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Revenge -- Will The Real Amanda Clarke Please Stand Up

Updated on November 28, 2011

Is the show getting a little far-fetched?

I love Revenge and it's one of my favorite new shows, but what with the revelation that Amanda had some kind of training with this Asian business man like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill and then there's the stuff with Warden Stiles, who is coming off as some kind of Fagan to Amanda's Oliver Twist. It just seems like it's getting a bit convoluted. I kind of liked it better when it was a straight-out revenge story without all these people helping her with her plot because [no actual reason has been given].

Anyway, with Emily in town and her glomming on to Jack and refusing to leave, Amanda hasn't been actually targeting anyone on her hit list, and has been trying to find a way to get rid of her without being exposed in the process. Emily pulls a bold move by telling Jack she's Amanda Clarke, taking advantage of the feelings he has for the real Amanda Clarke. When Amanda found out she seemed to acknowledge the feelings she's always had for Jack, which have surfaced watching Emily trying to profit off her and Jack's past relationship as children.

Lydia, a character I wish they would have killed off instead of Frank, has remembered Victoria didn't want to be friends with her as is desperate to get away from Victoria. So she calls Conrad to come and rescue her from Victoria's evil clutches. I said this at the time, but what woman would want to be friends with the hooch that was screwing her husband and then blackmailed them for money and threatened to expose them if Victoria wouldn't be her BFF again. Note to Lydia the loon, BFF's keep their panties on around their BFF's husbands, otherwise you're not a BFF.

Conrad isn't any brighter. Is Lydia really that good in bed? She blackmailed the dude and he was still knocking boots with her. He knows she intended to expose him at the party because Victoria wouldn't be her BFF again. And yet he was sitting all moony at this cheap tart's bedside when she was in the hospital and rescued her from Victoria's evil clutches. The only way Conrad can redeem himself is if he tosses her off a balcony or runs over her a few times to make sure she's not only really dead but most sincerely dead.

Conrad decides to put Daniel and Tyler up against each other in a contest at an investors party to see who rakes in the most moolah. Tyler wins because Nolan promises to invest with him. It's supposed to be part of his plan to take down Tyler, but I'm beginning to have my doubts he'll go through with it. He didn't do much to Tyler for swiping his credit card after their tryst and maxing it out. I think there's a very desperate side to Nolan that wants to be loved. A hustler like Tyler may be able to make that work for him. Look at how Nolan tried to pay Jack to be friends with him. Amanda may find out if you want something done you have to do it yourself.

Victoria, takes those words to heart, wants to get that little drip Declan out of her daughter's life. Can I say I whole-heartedly agree with her. I'd personally love to get him off this show, since I think he add absolutely nothing to it and is the worst character with no redeeming qualities. He apparently takes Vicky's pay-off and he and Charlotte continue seeing each other. Ah, the little dirtbag weasel can now take Charlotte to all the expensive places he wants to take her but can't afford and won't have to steal boats and lobsters to do it.

Another character that really doesn't work is Ashley. Their trying to make her a player, but it doesn't really work. She catches Tyler tonguing Nolan, but Tyler explains he's not gay. He'll just do anyone or anything to get ahead and urges her she needs to up her game.She ups her game by calling Victoria Victoria.

As things stand, Jack is screwing Emily Thorne who he thinks is Amanda Clarke his childhood love who has come back to him, while the real Amanda has to sit by and watch this. Knowing our Miss Amanda, I doubt she'll sit idly by and watch it and will most likely find a way to pluck this Thorne out of her side. Conrad has whisked Lydia the loon out of Vicious Victoria's evil clutches. Tyler has shown Daniel up at work thanks to his lover footing the bill for him.

If Emily Thorne has managed to do one thing is add some new life to the Jack/Amanda/Daniel triangle. Even though Amanda rejected Jack's overtures it's obvious from watching her have to watch Emily with Jack that she's still go real feeling for him.

Again, I wish they'd stop with the whole it took a village to help Amanda enact her revenge plot. It's just becoming a little hard to buy.


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