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Reverse Harem Anime Series Recommendations

Updated on November 30, 2013
Reverse Harem Anime Series
Reverse Harem Anime Series | Source

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Reverse Harem Anime Introduction

For boys, you got harem. For girls, you have the reverse harem! For those who don't know what harem is, it "is an ambiguously-defined subgenre of anime and manga characterized by a protagonist surrounded, usually amorously, by three or more members of the opposing sex and/or love interests."

Reverse harem is pretty much the opposite, where the girl takes center attention and gets the affection/interest of multiple boys. Below are some that you might want to check out if you enjoy this genre.

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club

As the title suggests, this anime revolves around the Iwatobi swim club. Four young guys, Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa and Rin used to be in the same swim team. The all went their separate ways when they won a swimming competition. A few years later, they all re-united through enrolling into the same high school except for Rin. Aside from them challenging each other, the anime also focuses on provocative positions that is eye candy for the female audience. Watching this with a bunch of female anime fans was quite an interesting sight to see.

Ouran High School Host Club
Ouran High School Host Club | Source

Ouran High School Host Club

This one is a classic anime. The main protagonist, Haruhi Fujioka is a smart girl that got enrolled in a prestigious school called the Ouran Academy. While she was looking for a place to study one day, she stumbled across a Host Club that entertains female with a bunch of good looking males. She accidentally knocks over a very expensive vase and is later left with no choice but to join the Host Club to pay for the vase. This works out as she has short hair and can be mistaken for a boy.

Vampire Knight
Vampire Knight | Source

Vampire Knight

Yuki Cross, the female protagonist, is the adopted daughter of the headmaster of the Cross Academy. She was a human initially and was saved by a charming vampire from the attack of another vampire 10 years ago. She falls in love with this vampire. She is not too aware of her past until later in the show where it the truth is uncovered. If you are into vampire genre, then this might be for you. This is not exactly reverse harem, but the charming boys are more than enough to keep the female fans happy.

The Wallflower
The Wallflower | Source

The Wallflower

This one is quite interesting. The main protagonist, Sunako, confesses her love to her crush, only to be called ugly by him. As the result of this incident, she denies all types of beauty and become quite trapped in her own little cocoon. Her aunt is extremely worried about her and decides to put four incredibly handsome dudes in her mansion for free under one condition - that is to turn Sunako into the "perfect lady".

Boys Over Flowers
Boys Over Flowers | Source

Boys Over Flowers

This anime is a classic and it has been remade into real life shows. In the anime, you have this really popular boy group called the "Flower Four" that seems to charm all kinds of girls. Each guy has their own unique characteristics. They are all enrolled in this school that is attended by many wealthy families. Tsukushi, the female protagonist, is a gal that is considered to be the outcast of the school due to her being from a poor family. Surprisingly, she was able to captivate the leader of the group and a love story begins.

Uta no Prince-sama: 1000% Love
Uta no Prince-sama: 1000% Love | Source

Uta no Prince-sama: 1000% Love

Haruka Nanami is the main character and she dreams of becoming a music composer. She enrolls into Saotomi Academy in a bid to fulfill her dream. This school is a very prestigious performing arts school. Her quest to becoming recognized as one gets harder because of all the potential composers in the school as well. One interesting thing about the school is that romance is strictly prohibited. You know that isn't going to stop people from dating though. Rules are meant to be broken.


There you have it! There are also some honorable mentions that I included here, but I didn't go into detail because I didn't watch them.

  • Fushigi Yuugi
  • Fruits Basket
  • Pretear

I think these are more than enough to occupy your leisure time. Enjoy these reverse harem anime!


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    • profile image

      Emma 2 years ago

      How is Free a homosexual harem- there is no romance in it. They aren't attracted to each other-- or if they are it isn't shown since IT IS A SPORTS ANIME. They care about SWIMMING.

    • profile image

      happy 2 years ago

      Brothers conflict



    • profile image

      kattie 3 years ago

      any additional recommendation please :)

    • profile image

      OtakuGirl 3 years ago

      Kamigami no Asobi

    • profile image

      OtakuGirl 3 years ago

      Diabolick Lovers

    • profile image

      hime 3 years ago

      marmalade boy

    • profile image

      nope 3 years ago

      This list is fine everyone else shut up

    • profile image

      Clarice 3 years ago

      I agree with Chola. In Vampire Knight, yeah, there are tons of guys around the MC, but they need to be romantically interested in her to count as a reverse harem. Plus it should be at least 3 males, not two. Two would only count as a love triangle.

    • profile image

      Naomie 3 years ago

      Iwatobi swim club is a reverse harem and also vampire knight. It's just that Iwatobi swim club is a homosexual reverse harem . And reverse harem means 2 or more guys are in love with the same female. So chola he or she is correct.

    • profile image

      Chola 3 years ago

      Just wanted to point out that you made a couple mistakes.

      Vampire Knight and Free Iwatobi Swim Club are not reverse harems.