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Review: A Crow Left of the Murder by American Rock Band Incubus

Updated on January 23, 2018
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Ara is currently an Accounting student at Glendale Community College in Glendale. CA. His main goal in life is the enjoyment of it.

A Crow Left of the Murder: Album Cover

A Little About Incubus And Their Style of Play

Incubus is a band that I discovered several years ago while listening to the song Megalomaniac. That was the first song I ever heard from this band from Calabasas, CA. I was immediately drawn to these guys. Their 5th studio album A Crow Left of the Murder released in 2004 deserves a review. To say that the album is mostly alternative is not accurate. The album is a mixture of hard rock, alternative, and ballad like. The influences in the album are many.

Band Lineup For This Release

Brandon Boyd: vocals and guitars

Mike Einziger: lead guitars

Ben Kenney: bass guitars

Chris Kilmore: all turntables

Jose Pasillas: drums

Agoraphobia is an interesting groovy song and the Title Track is Very Good Too

The groovy song Agoraphobia is about two lovers reminiscing about the time that they first started dating, when they kissed and their hips were making contact with each other. However, the news has gotten so bad that one of the people wants to stay indoors and shut himself off from the rest of the world.

The title track has great vocals and gives the listener some perspective on what life is like when we don’t get a chance to find everything that we want to find out about life. Life is about discovery and exploration.

One of the other highlight songs of the album

Sick, Sad Little World has some interesting jazz style tapping in it which adds some contrast and broadens the band’s creative influences. The song is about what will happen when there is a lack of love and caring. The world gets into a sort of drought where some people decide to withdraw socially from others and they get trapped in their sick, sad, little world. A person who feels withdrawn and despondent would prefer to be left in their own little bubble and dealing socially with others is not an option. When you lack love, you will be lead astray and into a life of the opposite emotion. Perhaps its no coincidence when they say that love is all we need.

The Classic Song Called Megalomaniac

Sick Sad Little World

How Is the Album Overall? Pretty Darn Good!

Megalomaniac starts with some weird noises and effects before the guitar kicks in vocalist Brandon Boyd says: ohhhh. The lyrics to the song can be used to interpret us getting into a battle with an adversary that we don’t particularly care for. We can say that the song is about the influence of a particular politician being on the news so often that they become a part of our life. Some politicians are so crooked and corrupt that the best thing they can do for their people is to step down so that the country is saved rather than ruined. The title track also has good melody and good harsh shouts by Boyd yet he also shows that he can sing and doesn’t really show off. Southern Girl is a ballad style song and the best song in the album. The song is about a person who finds the love of his life, a southern girl whom he thinks is so outstanding that she is the exception to the rule. He wonders whether she will love him. Boyd keeps on singing: southern girl could you want me?” One can only wonder whether he will eventually find the love of his life. The next song Priceless sounds a bit like the Nirvana song called Radio Friendly Unit Shifter because of the drumming style as we hear the fast pounding and we hear it in the style of the guitar playing. The next song called Zee Deveel is about the power that advertising has on what we choose to buy to satisfy our need for material things. Here in My Room is another soft song but is different from the ballad song Southern Girl because of the fact that there is a piano sound along with some atmospheric sounds as well. The song is about someone that goes to a party that is very boring. The love of his life shows up and he wants her to show him what the world is like from a different perspective. A Crow Left of the Murder is a different type of alternative rock album with other influences and should appeal to those with different musical tastes. The strongest songs in the album are Megalomaniac, A Crow Left of the Murder, Sick, Sad, Little World, Southern Girl, and Here in My Room.

Southern Girl (best song on the album)

© 2017 Ara Vahanian


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