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Review - Alice in Wonderland

Updated on April 30, 2010

One thing I have to say first: I'm not a great fan of Tim Burton, I like some of his movies like Edward Scissorshands, Sleepy Hollow and the first Batman, but I don't see him a genious like some people see.

 Surelly it's a good movie, surelly Burton is a great director and storyteller, the cast is good and Johnny Depp is again an excentric character (I'm beginning to think that's really weird and probably won't play "normal" characters nevermore). But in my opnion, that's not the wonderfull movie that the marketing make seems like. Artistically and visually it's very beautifull, very good special effects, but I really was waiting for more "weird" stuff specially in the backgrounds, characters was really good but much of them had much of the "classic" design, but as I said before, still beautifull visually talking. The armies of the two queens are really great design ideas, the castles too, The cheshire cat isn't surprising but surelly was exactly what people expected to see, seems like the old disney"s movie character won life, his moves, his smille and his expression re really fantastic.

My only critique is about the screenplay, again, it's not bad, but the expectative was for something fabulous. In general lines, the story where pretty "normal", some differences for the original book, not fabulous differenceres, I think that this changes were made to amplify the target public, bring more action to the kid' story, Sometimes it remembered me "Narnia", have some cliches, and the end isn't surprising. 

Surelly, Alice in Wonderland from Tim Burton is a great movie, better than much movies are, but in a cruel comparation, to me it had the same effect as James Cameron's Avatar , I mean, both are beautifull and have a great public and admiration, but their stories wasn't so good, unfortunatelly.


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    • ethel smith profile image

      Eileen Kersey 7 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      It is often hard for a movie to live up to its promotion