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Review - Avantasia - Wicked Simphony & Angel of Babylon

Updated on April 27, 2010

A sequel to "The Scarecrow", don't wait for another "Metal Opera"

After two years of waiting, anxious, promises of another great album and a long list of guests singers and musicians, Tobias Sammet didn't disappointed his fans, and better: two albuns released at same time (and in a beautifull limited edition together), after seeing the cover arts you really remember his album before these (The Scarecrow, 2008) specially The Wicked Symphony has a graphic art very similar.

 Musically speaking, it's also happens, instrumentally and specially in the guitars, hard, heavy and fast. There's much choirs this time, and it rememebers the first two classic albuns ( The Metal Opera parts I and II) , so I could say that it reunites the best in the metal opera with the best of the scarecrow.

The two albuns have a good variation of rithyms, vocal styles, heavy songs and some touches of hard rock. Again the attention is in the guest musicians, specially singers like Jorn Lande (Masterplan) , Russel Allen (Symphony X), Klaus Meine ( Scorpions), André Matos ( former Angra, Shaman), Tim "Ripper" Owens (former Judas Priest), Michael Kyske ( former Helloween) and others, and also Tobias Sammet , in a excelent performance and again recording the bass. Eric Carr (former Kiss) again recorded the drums and some backing vocals, Produced by Sascha Paeth , that also plays the guitars.

For the ones that was expecting something like the two Metal Operas, Wicked Symphony and Angel of Babylon could sound a little dissapointing at the first listenings, but surelly disearves attention, for the ones that liked The Scarecrow, it will sound like a step forward, an evolution and surelly two great albuns.


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