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Review: Countdown to Extinction by Megadeth

Updated on December 1, 2017
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Ara is currently an Accounting student at Glendale Community College in Glendale. CA. His main goal in life is the enjoyment of it.

Countdown to Extinction is one of the most important albums in heavy metal history

Countdown to Extinction is the 5th studio album by American heavy metal band Megadeth and this year it has been 25 years since its release and that’s one of the reasons that we have to take a look back at the album that helped Megadeth become part of the mainstream American music scene. Still present on the album is the heaviness, anger, and aggression that we heard on 1990’s Rust in Peace. If there was any wonder how good the band would end up being with a more mainstream release, those concerns were put to rest very shortly. This is the second album with the classic Megadeth lineup of Mustaine, Marty Friedman, Nick Menza, and David Ellefson.

Countdown to Extinction: the front album cover

The cover depicts a person that is in prison and his body is so worn out. The album raises awareness about the US justice system as well as the flaws of our government. It is still a great album even 25 years later.
The cover depicts a person that is in prison and his body is so worn out. The album raises awareness about the US justice system as well as the flaws of our government. It is still a great album even 25 years later. | Source

The song Symphony of Destruction is the first classic song on this album

The first song called Skin O’ My Teeth is a song about someone that has become a wreck physically. He is really wounded and in lots of pain and there is some doubt as to whether he will survive from his injuries. Symphony of Destruction is a classic Megadeth song with good bass lines. The song is on the Japanese version of the album Youthanasia as a bonus track.

Why is Foreclosure of a Dream a song that we should all pay attention to?

Foreclosure of a Dream is a perfect example of how the American Dream has been eroded over the years. As US politicians have had plans to make the system dignified and balanced for all, those plans have been replaced by tax cuts for only the wealthiest people in the United States. There is even a sound clip of George H.W. Bush’s phrase “read my lips.” If there was ever going to be a political breakthrough, there is always the borrowing of money from other countries by the US.

The official music video for the song Foreclosure of a Dream

Pay attention to the title track it has a crucial message that may come back to hurt humanity if we are not careful

Foreclosure of a Dream may not be one of the most well-known songs on the album but it surely has an important message that we can all remember.

The song This Was My Life is another classic song and this one is about the fact that since human beings have sinned since the beginning of time, the penalty for this is death. If you commit a crime, you will have to do the time. Countdown to Extinction is a song about the possibility that the world may end. Dinosaurs eventually became extinct and the song raises that important question of whether human life will survive or whether it will cease to exist. As Dave Mustaine famously says in the song: “no more left only one.”

How is the rest of this album?

High Speed Dirt is a very exciting song about going on a bike ride that may cause the rider to die if he is not careful. Psychotron is a song about a bionic robot that is organic but he is not a cyborg. He is programmed to kill and assassinate those that he sees in his path. Captive Honour is a song about a criminal that has just been sentenced to life in prison with no chance of getting parole. By this point in the album it is a virtual certainty that Countdown to Extinction is the finest album to have the classic Megadeth lineup. There are very few flaws with this album and we could argue that the band was at its peak with this album. However, the band would see a steep decline in the quality of its music and Youthanasia was not the band’s worst moment though they were starting to decline and they would not really recover until 2001 when the band released The World Needs a Hero.

Favorite song on the album Countdown to Extinction

What is your favorite song on the album Countdown to Extinction?

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The song called Countdown to Extinction

This Was My Life

© 2017 Ara Vahanian


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    • CELEBSFAN78 profile image

      Ara Vahanian 5 months ago from LOS ANGELES

      Ryan Fuller: one of the reasons that I write on Hubpages is people like you that take the time to appreciate the writings that I do. This may be the last Megadeth album that I review for a while. I am glad to know that this is your favorite Megadeth album. It certainly was great back in the 1990's when they had that Headbanger's Boll show on MTV and it is certainly great now. If only Dave Mustaine and Megadeth had been this superb, they might have overtaken Metallica as the best US metal band. I don't know what happened that made Megadeth worse as a band for a while after this but Countdown to Extinction is solid all the way through you are right!

    • Fullerman5000 profile image

      Ryan Fuller 5 months ago from Louisiana, USA

      My favorite album by Megadeth. Such a great album from beginning to end. Combining the old with the new.