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Review: Crash Landing On You Ending

Updated on February 20, 2020

First Encounder



The series showed a lot about destiny which hinted so much about the ending. They were living a separate life before and didn't realize that they already met and encountered each other. Jeong-hyuk was living his dream by then while Se-ri was in the verge of ending her life because she was feeling unloved. She thought no one sees her and no cares. But, at that very moment, Jeong-hyuk, though unexpectedly, get in the way and had a little crush on her the moment she looked at him. That moment was captured in the camera when he decided to go for a walk after Se-ri recorded her suicide voice record.

Seung-joon and Seo Dan


Seo Dan: A Hopeless Romantic

Seo Dan has done nothing bad but falling in-love. She's the tangy flavor to the series. Strong but we surely love and want more. We can relate to her character. Some point in our life, to be specific, in our high school days, when falling in-love is falling in-love, no complications, just pure, young happy hearts, we fell in-love silently, wishing that that person would notice us and we will grab every chance to be with that person.

She waited for Jeong-hyuk, considered his decision and supported his career for a long time because that's what an in-love woman does. But as a woman, like every woman, she got tired of waiting and wanted to make it happen but it did not happen until someone make her feel loved and beautiful.

Though life is short to Seung-joon, he was able to tell Seo Dan his feelings. He showed and expressed his love to her. His love made her found new, real love. Different from the love she had in a young age and in a long time. This love, though painful and tragic made her accept and understand the love that Jeong-hyuk feel for Se-ri.

That experience made her stronger. She carries the ring that Seung-joon gave her in enjoying and experiencing life.

Last Goodbye


Fulfilling Destiny

I have already guessed the ending on the first few episodes and when it was what I thought it would be, it was very fulfilling.

At first, it was exhausting. I feel the effort that Se-ri put into to make it happen. It was so much work on her part but I appreciate it because that's how it should be, we should work hard on our happiness.

Se-ri became close to her mother and her eldest sibling and his wife. The scheduled text from Jeong-hyuk was unexpected but it was sweet and definitely what is needed by Se-ri to keep going.

Every episode was well thought of and well-connected. The special edition of Se-ri's choice skin care commemorating her friends from North Korea is one of them. It also personally impact me to befriends with neighbors, take care of each other and who knows, when one moved on with her/his life, we don't know what impact we made on her/him.

Though Se-ri put so much effort for them to meet in Switzerland, it was not how they met again. And again, the title speaks itself. She again crash landed on him but this time, when Jeong-hyuk was boarded a wrong train.

Their scene, together happily in Switzerland was all we wished it would be and that's what they gave us. It was a fulfilling ending, fulfilling their destiny is what the show showed us since the very beginning.

Love and Switzerland


Finally, A Goodbye

Jeong-hyuk and Se-ri bid goodbye to each other many times before when Se-ri attempted to leave North Korea but the last goodbye happened in South Korea when Jeong-hyuk left to go back to North Korea.

Before the final goodbye, Jeong-hyuk made sure that Se-ri is safe and recovered. Though Se-ri didn't want to say goodbye to Jeong-hyuk anymore, her mother thought that she wants to and they drove their way to them. She was able to bid goodbye to him, for the last time with the help of her mother, the person who she thought is suffering because of her, but in the end, the person who knows exactly what she wants and stayed with her while chasing for her destiny, to go back to Jeong-hyuk.

I just want to mention, the emotion between these two characters were so real.


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