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Review: "Dawn of Victory" by the power metal band Rhapsody of Fire

Updated on February 18, 2018

Why is the album Dawn of Victory an important release?

The band Rhapsody of Fire released their 3rd studio album called "Dawn of Victory". They might as well refer to it as the dawn of a new era because what we hear on this album is crisper, clearer, and more melodic. And as usual, the band starts an album out with a short opera like song with the orchestration in it as well.

The front album cover for Dawn of Victory

Dawn of Victory is a great song to start out this album

Then comes the title track called Dawn of Victory which is lyrically similar to songs written by Blind Guardian, Dark Moor, and Ensiferum. Bravery is a basic requirement if a warrior hopes to save his land from an attack by demons that have risen from their slumber. Ancelot, one of the characters in the Emerald Sword Saga wields a very powerful cross. Then comes a succession of very nice interludes but the third section of this part is the best and catchiest. Then the interludes by Luca Turili go back to the first section. The cross has a very important symbolism in the Castlevania video games because the cross helps to get rid of all the enemies on the screen. I don’t know if these guys knew that symbolism about the cross.

In these fantasy stories and tales, anything less than total victory and success is considered to be shameful. Speaking of victory, we can consider it a sort of victory when we are able to analyze and interpret the lyrics of this band.

The significance of the song Holy Thunderforce

Holy Thunderforce is the first song that I heard from this album. Fabio features a vocal extension similar to the ones that he used as a member of Athena.

The Song Called Holy Thunderforce

Other notable songs on Dawn of Victory

The next song called Triumph for My Magic Steel is a song about a warrior that wields a sword so powerful that it can even cut through the strongest winds. Replacing Daniele Carbonera on drums on this album is German born Alex Holzwarth.

Dargor, Shadowlord of the Black Mountain starts with a kind of guitar picking that I heard from Brazil’s Angra. Does anyone remember the incredible song Z.I.T.O.? I sure do and those of you that have not heard it yet should do so because you will be impressed beyond belief. The next four songs after this are excellent thus making the case that the album deserves a score in the mid to high 80’s if we use the 100 point scale.

The Song Called Dargor, Shadowlord of the Black Mountain

Fabio Lione and Luca Turili do a great musical job

The Bloody Rage of the Titans showcases Fabio Lione’s heavy accent but he has been an inspiration to the music industry because of his vocal range and power. The song is about a battle that is raging between titans, dragons, and demons. Once again, the excellence of Luca is shown once again as he is able to craft a beautiful interlude. Interludes are one of the biggest strengths of this band.

Dawn of Victory: the cons of the album

One thing that needs to be mentioned is that the band should really start to focus their lyrical themes on some other topic instead of lyrics that are based on fantasy themes and stories that are not true. This would make it easier for music reviewers to interpret their songs and thus it would make fans appreciate variety even in the lyrics. Another thing that they should try to get rid of these ballads focusing on dwarves, elves, wolves, and other creatures because these kinds of ballads have less passion and feeling and it makes them sound rather generic. Based on these two qualities we will have to deduct the album’s score at least 12 points. That is if every other song from this point forward is elite enough to be put into the very good category. And most of the songs after song 5 are pretty impressive. Dawn of Victory is a solid way for this Italian power metal band to start the new century even if they are not as good as bands such as Dark Moor or Angra.

The Last Winged Unicorn is the best song in this album

The instrumental called Trolls in the Dark features some vocals that sound like a little boy before the music begins. The song is pretty good but I have heard better instrumentals before. The Last Winged Unicorn may be the best song in this album. Fabio starts it off in very strong fashion by his impressive vocal range. By the time he was 27, Rhapsody of Fire was riding very high. They started off the new century making the statement that they could really make music that is crisp, clear, and more melodic. This song has the best interlude that the band has written in their history, at least to that point. However, the album is not without its cons and there are two of them. However before we get to that, the last song has a bit of an Yngwie Malmsteen influence in the riffing. Is this album the best one out of their first three? Judging by the quality of the songs you could certainly make the case for that even though the album does not have classics such as Land of Immortals.

Final score: 88 out of 100 points

The best song in the album is song #9

© 2017 Ara Vahanian


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