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Review: Dokken "Back For the Attack" 1987 featuring the Powerful Vocals of Don Dokken

Updated on November 4, 2017

Dokken Back For The Attack Front Cover

Back For The Attack Is An Album That Starts Off Very Well

Dokken is an American hard rock band that achieved notoriety and fame in the 1980’s for their hard rock style and the powerful vocals of Don Dokken. Their 1987 album Back for the Attack is another album that adds to their greatness. After the fast picking style of the opening song Kiss of Death, we are introduced to the song Prisoner. This is a very good song that is about someone that is trapped in a relationship based on lies and deception. In short, this is about a person that describes themselves as a “prisoner chained by love.”

Many Of The Songs Deal With The Concept Of Love And Relationships

Night By Night is about someone that wants to take the person that they love to their special place, their paradise as they call it. The band White Lion would also frequently cover the subject of love and relationships in their songs as well. Standing in the Shadows is a very catchy song about someone that desires more out of his life. He stands there wondering what to do as the world goes by. Indecision is one of the things that can really prevent us from knowing what we want out of life and that’s not good at all. I knew for a long time of the desire to be a writer so that’s one of the reasons you are reading this. After the pretty sub-standard song Heaven Sent, we are introduced to the instrumental song Mr. Scary as guitarist George Lynch shows us his excellence in this song. For those of you that enjoy mostly instrumental songs or albums, you can check out albums by Vinnie Moore or Marty Friedman. So Many Tears is about someone letting his lover know that he is ready to move on and there is no way to go back in time to the way that it was. Sometimes there are so many mistakes made and there is so much damage that has been done, there is no way to save the relationship.

The song called Prisoner

The Best Song in the Second Half of the Album is Stop Fighting Love

As the second half of the album begins, we are treated to another love style rock song Burning Like a Flame. This song is about being sure without a doubt that the love of your life will always be with you even if they thought that you were insincere. When the love is this strong, it will not change. Stop Fighting Love has some of the most beautiful 10 second guitar parts you will ever hear! This is another song about trying to save a love relationship. He knows that he made mistakes but he is willing to accept responsibility for them and to get back the one he loves. This is sometimes very hard to do. As the song ends, there is some great melodic backing vocals by Jeff Pilson and Mick Brown. Cry of the Gypsy is about someone who is described as having a restless soul and he has a willingness to travel until her finds the place that is most suitable for him. We call this kind of person a wanderer. Other than the weak song Heaven Sent, Back for the Attack is an enjoyable hard rock album by one of the most famous bands in the music business. Even so, this writer’s favorite Dokken album is 1985’s Under Lock and Key.

Favorite Song On Back For The Attack

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The song called Standing In The Shadows

The song called Stop Fighting Love


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