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Review "Magnum Opus" by Yngwie J Malmsteen Sweden's Neoclassical Legend

Updated on May 4, 2018
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

A Little Information About Magnum Opus

Swedish neoclassical guitarist Yngwie J. Malmsteen proved throughout the 1990’s that he could play fast, be creative, technical and excite audiences. His 1995 studio album Magnum Opus is another example of his skills and creativity. Returning to provide solid vocals is American born Michael Vescera.

A Back View of the Album Cover for Magnum Opus


Reasons Why Yngwie Malmsteen Is a guitar playing legend

Why is Yngwie Malmsteen a legend when it comes to guitar players? He has all the essential qualities that make a guitarist a great one. He has the obvious speed factor though that isn’t always totally necessary to be a great guitarist. He has the creativity, technique, and excitement through his lead guitar parts. As much as I enjoy his guitar playing, there are guitarists out there that I would like more though.

A Photo of Yngwie J. Malmsteen the Musical Genius Behind the Creation of the Album Magnum Opus


How Does the Album Magnum Opus Begin?

The first song Vengeance starts out with some classical guitar but those of us that know Yngwie know that he loves to start songs and albums in this way. Vengeance is not a good way to go through life as the people that do this eventually lose in the game of life. As the song says only the good people listen. It is only through doing well for the world that you can truly be a winner. The song called No Love Lost is the first song on this album about love. We know when we are doing well on our own. We don’t need to live by anyone’s rules or take any nonsense from those people that are giving us a right time.

The Song Called Vengeance

Make Sure to Listen to the Song I'd Die Without You

The love song theme continues with songs such as The Only One, I’d Die without You and many others. When we think there is one special person for all of us, there are more than likely many good matches for us when it comes to love. I’d Die without you is Yngwie’s best love song for sure. There are times in life that even if they are tough, true love will bring couples together. The song also tries to bring the message that love is too strong for the Gods to break it up. The lead guitar work is also some of the most impressive from this Swedish legend!

Yngwie Malmsteen's albums from best to weakest

Album Title
Year Released
Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force
Jeff Scott Soto
Mark Boals
Marching Out
Jeff Scott Soto
Facing the Animal
Mats Leven
Magnum Opus
Michael Vescera
The Seventh Sign
Michael Vescera
Joe Lynn Turner
Goran Edman
Fire & Ice
Goran Edman

This Album Has 3 Instrumental Songs

Overture 1622 is a brilliant, short instrumental song that continues in the tradition of fine instrumentals written by a man that has been active in four different decades. He has a tendency to make these instrumentals shorter and I don’t know the reason for that. The next song called Voodoo starts light only to be slow and heavy. We are not talking about the Black Sabbath song here and this song is definitely better than that one. The album has two more instrumental songs. They are Amberdawn and a cover of Antonio Vivaldi’s Cantabile.

The Album Ends With Brilliance

The song Time Will Tell is one of three consecutive songs that are nothing short of outstanding. The song is about the hope that humans will survive the chaos of the world that is filled with liars and sinners. The neoclassical classic called Fire in the Sky is the best song in the album! It is about not playing with fire and not trying to do risky things such as trying to fly when you have no wings to do so. The person that tries to do this will experience their soul burning. In 1986, Mark Boals brought attention to the dangers of playing with fire in the song called Fire. The song ends with an impressive lead guitar display. Basically, the song is saying don’t take dangerous risks and act like a beast. Overall, Magnum Opus is an excellent album and it is one of the best albums written in the 1990’s.

The song called Fire In the Sky

A Case for Keeping Michael Vescera as the Main Vocalist

However, he should have kept Michael Vescera because Michael gave this project effort, energy, and enthusiasm. His vocals were never drowned in the music and he never overdid his vocals which is a big positive factor. Michael Vescera along with Rob Rock is one of the best US born vocalists because of his passion when he sings.

The Song called Overture 1622

The Song Called Time Will Tell

© 2017 Ara Vahanian


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