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Review: "Marching Out" 2nd Studio Album By Yngwie J. Malmsteen

Updated on June 30, 2017

An image of the CD Marching Out

Introduction to the album Marching Out

In the decade of the 1980’s Yngwie J. Malmsteen released one excellent album after another. The second studio album in the Rising Force series called Marching Out is another solid release by this man. Returning on vocals is Jeff Scott Soto. The only lineup change from the first album is on drums. Anders Johansson, brother of Jens plays the drums on this album.

Marching Out: songs 1-3

After a short, thunderous sounding kind of prelude which isn’t even really a song, we are then introduced to the first scream by Jeff Scott Soto in the song I’ll See the Light Tonight. Don’t Let It End is a song about someone trying to do whatever he can to save his relationship from ending. He finds out that he is really having a hard time convincing his lover that they should continue dating.

A photo of singer Jeff Scott Soto


Disciples of Hell, I Am a Viking and Overture 1383

Then comes the outstanding song called Disciples of Hell. This classic song starts out with acoustic guitar before turning into a super heavy song and I just have to say: be prepared for a huge surprise! The song is so heavy that you would think that you are listening to a thrash metal kind of song. The song is basically about a pastor preaching about evil. It is only a matter of time before the world is enveloped in darkness. Many are lost and confused, searching for that key that will somehow get them out of this dark world. The next song I’m a Viking is a song about a Viking that will go out into battle and fight for his land no matter what the cost will be. The song is a kind of story that tells about the journey that these Vikings took by sailing on ships on the seas and they had no fear. Overture 1383 is a beautiful classically influenced instrumental. If history is any indication, early on in his career, Yngwie showed us that he was destined for success and brilliance. Soon afterward, he would follow this song up with the song Trilogy on the next album which is the song that got me into this man’s music.

The song called Disciples of Hell

Marching Out: songs 7-11 and conclusion

Anguish and Fear is a pretty good song about someone trying to escape his anguish and fear after wandering through years of despair. Soldier Without Faith is about a soldier trying to escape the war because it has gotten so violent and destructive. He has to try to find a way to get out and find his way back home. His parents are not proud of him because they see this action as a kind of betrayal to his country. But sometimes, it is worth it to try and escape from a situation that brings chaos and destruction in order to be at peace with yourself. The last song with vocals called Caught in the Middle has an excellent solo which is a more than a memorable way for this man to finish an otherwise solid album. The album finishes with an instrumental song called Marching Out. The strongest songs in the album are Disciples of Hell, I Am a Viking, Overture 1383, Anguish and Fear, and Caught in the Middle. This 1985 album is very good but it will never be as great as the original Rising Force album.

Favorite of the first two albums

Which one of these first two albums by yngwie J. Malmsteen do you enjoy more?

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The song called I Am a Viking

The song called Overture 1383


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