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Review Of The Movie Conspiracy

Updated on July 25, 2014

Main cast and Director

Main Actors:

Aaron Poole

James Gilbert

Ian Anderson

Peter Apostolopoulos

Director and Writer: Christopher MacBride

The Conspiracy

Conspiracy is a movie about a reporter team trying to track down a secret society and expose it to the world to see. It explores the Illuminati which is not only one of the biggest conspiracy out there at the moment but were once a real secret society. It is rumored that they still exist today and that celebrities and government officials are a pat of the group.


Two young filmmakers Aaron (Aaron Poole) and Jim (James Gilbert) meets with a major conspiracy theorist Terrance to talk about FEMA Camps, Marital Law, and the government withholding people without reason or rhyme only for things to start getting fishy when Terrance suddenly goes missing. As they try to find Terrance, Aaron and Jim starts finding out about this secret group called the Tarsus Club. Through a debate on rather they should pursue the club or back down, they decide to try to find the club and make Terrance proud of them.

However they start to get obsessed with the conspiracy to the point where it starts taking over their lives and to find out the real truth they not only put themselves in danger but everybody that is around, They soon find out, that sometimes it is better to leave things alone and not search for the truth, because the truth kills.


Why This Movie Works

For those who are up to date on conspiracy theories, this is a really thought provoking movie. Not only does it question beliefs on the safety of life as it is, it also mocks those who do not do research themselves. It's a movie that teaches the importance of questioning everything that you know about the world and looking back in history to find links to the present.

It is also one of the more well-done found-footage movie. There is no shaky cams, no freaky scares, it is just two reporters showcasing the world around them and all the weird things that start happening the more they dive into this secret organization. People start to trail them, cars follow them for miles and shows up at their house late at night, people start to message them online about more secret information.

Another thing that is nice is that everybody looks like average citizens. They look like people you would cross paths with walking around town. They don't wear really expensive clothing, don't have a ton of make-up on, don't live in expensive homes, they are just normal citizens who happens to find information that they shouldn't have. This is exactly what real life conspiracy theorists are like. It is almost like you are watching a Youtube video of somebody tracing a FEMA vehicle to talk about how its getting ready for marital law.

I guess I am saying that they don't act and look like actors. It made the movie so much better.

The last thing that really works well is by using real videos of news reports like 911 plane crash, the president shaking hands with somebody who a lot of people believe is a Illuminati member, and other such real life videos.

The Weak parts

This movie drags at time. It is slow pace and many complain about how long it takes for any action to start happening. I am crossed about this. Parts of it did seem very boring but then when I got to the end I was more than glad to stick with it.

Also for those against conspiracy theories, this might be seen as irritating. One scene in particular may make a lot of people mad in which they say that the 911 is a inside job which is one of the most popular conspiracy theories out there in real life.

Main Things To Remember

This is a movie that is good if you know conspiracy theories and how deep they can go. Although not really bloody or gory, there is one scene that involves death but nothing is shown on camera. There is some cuss words but nothing too bad and only on parts of the movie.

The action is slow throughout the movie. A lot of it is just the two reporters getting more and more pulled into this conspiracy theory. This is the best part of the movie because this is how these conspiracy theorists start off. They start with just a couple of rumors and through research they start believing that the conspiracy theory might be true and it starts controlling their lives. If you want something that will be action the whole movie, this is the wrong movie for you.

Look for small clues through the movies too. There is a lot of clues that explain the events of the end before you get to that part of the movie.

Main Conspiracies Used In The Movie

The Illuminati held a historical actuality as the Bavarian Illuminati which was formed in 1776 and was a group that was against religious holds on politics and strong believers in women rights.

The present day 'Illuminati' are a secret group that wants to control the world. George Washington, George Bush, and Roosevelt are supposedly part of this secret group. They shape the world by masterminding events like the shooting of Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, as well as the Pearl harbor bombings and 911.

New World Order-The New world Order is a conspiracy theory where the whole world will be controlled by a single government, 'the Illuminati.' This government will rule by force and wipe out any human who tries to defy it. Under the NWO there is a list of controlled policies including:

  • Marital Law-where the government will attack its own citizens in order to have complete control.
  • Population control-the act of killing off a large portion of the population in order to keep only the strong. They will do this by producing new viruses in labs as well as using HAARP (a machine that can effect the weather and the metal in and around Earth) to cause more natural disasters.
  • FEMA Camps or death camps-anybody who poses as a threat to the NWO or those who knows too much about what the government plans to do is taken to a camp. Once there the outcome is simple. They die. There are rumors that the government as trains made just for this purpose. To take a lot of people to these camps to be killed.

The Tarsus Club-Fictional Or Real?

With all of these real conspiracy theories that are thrown into the movie, we have the Tarsus Club. If you look for the it on the web, you will get to a website that just has different countries with log in beneath. There is no information anywhere other than to state that nothing on the site could be copied and a list of disclaimers on the right. under the log in there is a message that says the site is an annual retreat for global leaders to meet for the greater good of the country. If you click on any of the countries it says that you need to log in to get any information.

As good as this may sound, this is a hoax. There is no Tarsus Club. It was made up for the movie. There is no records of this group ever being in existence and all of the information about the Tarsus were all removed at the same time as well as The Conspiracy movie site declaring it was just fiction. Wikipedia and other mass information websites all declared it hoaxes at the same time as well. It was almost immediately.

This led to a lot of trouble because this would be exactly what would happen in a cover up. So there are people who believe that the Tarsus Club is still real and plan to expose it. I don't believe its real but I don't really believe in conspiracy theories even if I do keep up with research.

In Conclusion

Still the movie did its trick. Even with its own fictional website, people are wondering what is real and what isn't real which is exactly what the basis for what all conspiracy theorist wants from people. Who knows what information on the web is real and what is made up. People are so used to fake videos that even real videos that are shown on the news are still accused of being fake. In fact something could be going on right under our noses and videos could be out there exposing these facts and we are so used to being tricked that we think nothing of it.


Do You Believe In Conspiracy Theories?

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    • Melissa Noon profile imageAUTHOR

      Melissa Noon 

      4 years ago from California

      I clicked on it by mistake but I was surprised how good it was but I like conspiracy theories even if I don't believe in them

    • Virginia Lea profile image

      Virginia Davis 

      4 years ago from Navarre, Florida

      I was actaully debating if I should watch this movie the other day. It seems interesting enough.


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