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Review - Oscar winning "Spotlight"

Updated on March 21, 2016

Spotlight as a movie has an impacting story-line, which brings to light how an established religious entity tries to cover up the system failures. Not only does the cardinal law cover up but also influences the national law. How the church aids & abets the wrongful parishioners, who have been molesting children & still get away. It also highlights how the church influences the law & order to let the wrong doers go free & also manipulates the normal public into hiding the truth. It points at the fear of God that people of faith have & fear of going against a system which controls the house of God.

The cast has been carefully chosen to align with the character requirement. Michael Keaton shows a strong performance. Mark Ruffalo displaying good acting skills through the facial expressions, way of walking & behavior. Kiev Schrieber & Rachel McAdams showing of some media traits. Rachel McAdams as journalist does give a performance which is worth commending. The best played character was Michael Rezendes by Mark Ruffalo, shows some intensity in the later half of the movie. As Mark Ruffalo tries to indulge deep in the character, the character emerges as a strong entity. In all the cast has major influence on the success of the movie.

The movie captures the reality behind the child's feelings, wherein the children are God fearing. Any child raised a catholic is an example of how much the religion influences their upbringing. Parents bringing them up as God lovers & respecting & obeying the face of God who are the priests. Everything the priest say's or asks to do is a word of God is something which is taught as a part of religious teachings. I am a hindu from India, still can understand how much religion can influence the minds of children who are brought with fear of God.

The negligence of the society & the society turning a blind eye to the molesting of the children is also very well captured. The story also emphasizes the fact that in spite of the victims willing to come forward the issue is not responsibly handled & ignored.

The movie however lacks a good directorial handling. The story-line being strong & compelling, the direction lacked a bit in capturing the right emotions. The film does portray a strong message to the society, however more could have been done if the direction was more impacting.

In all, it surely was worth an Oscar.


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