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Review: "Since the Day It All Came Down" by Insomnium

Updated on January 4, 2018

About Insomnium

Insomnium is a melodic death metal band from Finland that I got into several years ago. Their 2ndstudio album called Since the Day It All Came Down was released in 2004 and it is pretty good. Which melodic death metal bands in Finland are not good? Very few of them that I have heard could be considered bad. Insomnium plays melodic death metal that sounds like early Amorphis with a touch of Dark Tranquillity. I would say that as 2004 went into 2005, my love of Finnish rock and metal bands increased to the point where I bought Lullacry’s Vol. 4. These were two pretty good years in the life of this writer.

Note: it is now 2018 and the interest in Finnish and Swedish bands has grown for this writer.

A photo of the CD Since The Day it All Came Down


Only People That Are In a Good Mood Should Listen To This Album

If you are upset or anxious, it is best to not listen to these guys because of the lyrical content and the general heaviness and brutality of the music. It may be too much to take if you are upset. For the avid metal fan, this album should be an enjoyable listen.

The Song The Day it All Came Down Is the Best Song In the Album and Here Is Why

After the instrumental called Nocturne is the melodic, heavy and hard hitting song called The Day It All Came Down. Vocalist and bassist Niilo Sevanen makes a sharp growl before his vocals make their entrance. He sounds like Antti Haapanen of Noumena except his growls are even harsher. I can also hear a Tomi Koivusaaari influence in these vocals. But we cannot even compare Insomnium to Amorphis. Their melody just isn’t as good as the bands that I mentioned. The song however is no less melodic. The middle of the song has beautiful acoustic guitar and this is a tradition that Finnish metal bands have used to their advantage to catapult themselves on top of the death metal genre. The song is about someone who is having a very hard time coping with winter as the icy air has made him forlorn and bitter. He has put himself into a sort of perdition where he feels that he cannot escape from.

The Best Song In the Album

Other Good Songs

Daughter of the Moon lyrically continues in the tradition of the previous song. People journey along a long, winding path and they are met with snow on the trees and icy air. Such temperatures in Finland are very common in the winter months so Finns must do what they can to stay active and warm during these months.

How Is The Rest of The Album?

The Moment of Reckoning has some softer vocals. The song is about someone that regrets that he betrayed someone. He is trying to do what he can to admit his mistakes and come clean, thus putting his past behind. We wish that we could change everything but we cannot do so. The song is trying to send the message that we must learn from our mistakes. I also hear some In Flames influence in the guitar work. Even so, it would not be proper to compare Insomnium to In Flames because they are just not on the same level. The song Bereavement starts with some piano before the melody kicks in. This may be one of the other very good songs besides the second song. The song is about someone who is in a constant state of mourning because the darkness has swallowed all the light and hope that he had. Insomnium is also lyrically similar to Noumena. Resonance is a pretty relaxing instrumental kind of song that Sacred Reich would have been proud of. The song has a little bit of that If Only feeling in it. The most unusual thing that I really cannot understand is why do so many Finnish bands focus on lyrics having to do with despair, sorrow, and death? This is one of the reasons why this album won’t quite get a 90 points. The vocals which are not always audible will also effect the score of the album. I would be willing to give this album 85 points out of 100.

The Song Called The Moment of Reckoning

© 2017 Ara Vahanian


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