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Review: Testament "Practice What You Preach" the best album by Testament in the 1980's

Updated on January 27, 2018
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Why is Testament one of the best heavy metal bands?

By 1989, American thrash metal band Testament had already released two very solid thrash metal albums and it looked like they were getting even better. Their 1989 album called Practice What You Preach is another example of why these guys are so great. Their pretty efficient bass lines, the outstanding vocals by front man Chuck Billy, and their overall awesome songs make them one of the best metal bands period. The case could even be made that Practice What You Preach could be considered the band’s best album in the 1980’s though such a ranking is pretty subjective.

One song that may be underrated is the pretty catchy song called Envy Life. Gone are the high screams that we heard on this band’s first two albums and instead Chuck’s voice has improved and matured.

The back of the album cover for Practice What You Preach


Practice What You Preach: songs 1-4

Although Testament is not classified as a melodic thrash metal band per se, it is appropriate to classify them as such because their music has so much melody in it. The band Annihilator would emerge later on in the 1990’s as one of the premier melodic thrash metal bands in the world and they just might as well have been influenced by Testament. The interlude in the great song Perilous Nation is evidence of the melodic nature of Testament. The song is about urging others to create a better world for the human race by taking that journey, painting pictures of what they see so that they can bring attention of what needs to be done in order to create that better world. The album is also a sort of rebellion against the established order of things. One example of this is the song called Time is Coming. The president of the United States is just one man in the government but he will impose taxes on the people and the laws of the country are seen as nothing but a conspiracy. The government thinks that they sympathize with people’s rights but it is just a big disguise. The American political system has become a giant money making scheme as these big corporations give money to these candidates who must do their bidding or face consequences.

The song called Perilous Nation

The importance of the song Greenhouse Effect

The song called Greenhouse Effect is a song about what can happen to the environment that we live in if people ignore the burning forests and the toxic fumes and chemicals that pollute the air. The song is trying to say that the only hope that we have to breathe cleaner air is to “stop the madness closing in.” What will we do as humans if there is an environmental holocaust? Climate change and the destruction of the environment are two very real world problems that must be addressed and I am glad that Testament brings up the subject to raise awareness of what humans are doing to the land and air.

Practice What You Preach: songs 7-10

The song called Sins of Omission is a song about not having a false sense of pride. To put this term another way, don’t have a false sense of pride. Suicide is a bad option and we should instead the powers of our mind to find the meaning of our existence. Once again, the band’s philosophical approach to songwriting can really help listeners gain some perspective on their own lives. Testament is an example of what is good about the United States: talented musicians that are spending their time and effort to educate the public about what should be done to create a better life and world.

The Ballad is a semi-ballad song about realizing that you are now free to live your own life after having made so many mistakes that were costly. As long as we are happy to just be alive and doing the things that we enjoy doing sometimes that is what matters the most. The song Nightmare (Coming Back to You) is a really fast song that has some really excellent lead guitar work and it is about trying to fight and battle against those forces that created a nightmare for our lives. We know that we will eventually emerge victorious. Confusion Fusion is a three minute instrumental song to end another solid album from this band. Is Practice What You Preach Testament’s best album? It is tough to say because so many of their albums are so good but this one is definitely one of the best works they have ever created.

Best Testament album of the 1980's

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The song called Greenhouse Effect

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