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Review "the Bridge" by Swedish Pop Music Group Ace of Base Their Finest Moment as a Group

Updated on March 24, 2020
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

Why is The Bridge Ace of Base's Finest Album?

Swedish pop music super group Ace of Base reached the pinnacle of their career with their 1995 album The Bridge. The album may be the finest work in their career because of the superb songwriting and there are no bad songs in this album! Even if the album was not as commercially successful as their album The Sign, the songs are better quality (just slightly).

How is The Bridge Different Musically From The Sign?

In this album, there are a few notable differences. The first noticeable difference is the use of acoustic guitar in the song Lucky Love. Jonas “Joker” Berggren said that there was no pressure on him in spite of the fact that this was the first time for him playing acoustic guitar on an album. The other distinguishable difference is that the album has 15 songs on it. It is one of those little details but it is worth mentioning.

The Bridge: a Very Memorable Pop Music Album

The Bridge is a memorable album for me because I first remember buying the album on cassette back in the day when they still had them. I would buy this album eventually on CD while in Las Vegas back in 1995. When I did reviews on The Sign and Cruel Summer, I knew I had to review The Bridge as well. You will be glad that you listened to this album because it is enjoyable to listen to even at night.

A Band Photo of Ace of Base

From left to right: Jonas "Joker" Berggren, Ulf "Buddha" Ekberg, Linn, and Jenny.
From left to right: Jonas "Joker" Berggren, Ulf "Buddha" Ekberg, Linn, and Jenny. | Source

Beautiful Life (Music Video)

The Bridge Has a Beautiful Beginning

The album opens with the beautiful pop song Beautiful Life. Life can be beautiful and it absolutely should be at its best. What is also beautiful are sisters Linn and Jenny Berggren who should be two of the most beautiful women in the world. I really got into Ace of Base also because of Linn and Jenny’s singing skills though I prefer Linn’s voice just slightly. It’s a beautiful life when you know that you can appreciate things such as a child smiling or the beauty of nature.

The Bridge Is an Album Full of Great Songs

Then comes the amazing song called Never Gonna Say I’m Sorry. The song is about staying true to yourself and your values even though other people may not like that. In this album, the first song is much better than the first song on the previous album. Some groups just get better with time and for Ace of Base, 1995 was their best year musically. Linn’s voice was at her peak and she really shows this in the song called Strange Ways. The song is about how difficult it can be for two people to meet. There is a nice backing vocal contribution by Jenny as she says “baby I’ll be gone.” Linn shows her vocal excellence in the song Just 'N' Image which has always been one of my favorite songs ever. Whispers in Blindness is a song about asking your love interest to dance with you. At one point in the night love can get so intense that the lovers can lay on the grass. I don’t know if Swedish summer nights are hot but Swedish women certainly are very beautiful or "hot" as some men like to say when describing a very beautiful woman. The song called Perfect World is about doing what we can to create a better world filled with love and harmony. It can be challenging in a word where so many things seem to be going wrong. We can pray for a perfect world in a world that is imperfect.

Pay Attention to the Song Edge of Heaven for Its Positive Message

However, the song Edge of Heaven should also be given credit for the positive message that it has. It gets to a point in life that we ask to be led to the light, the light of love. We feel like we are on the edge of heaven. There may not be a song as good as Tokyo Girl on this album as of this point in time but that makes no difference.

The Song Called "Strange Ways"

Other Songs Such as Angel Eyes and Que Sera are Worth Checking Out

Then comes Angel Eyes, one of the best love songs in the world! There are times when people know that the person that they are kissing is the one that is destined to be with them. Love can come quickest to those who see what the truth is about their destiny. Wave Wet Sand is a song in which the idea for it came during the recording of the music video for the song Don’t Turn Around. Jenny said that she was drawing waves in the sand at a beach in Miami. Que Sera is a song about a girl in the city that is lonely living life on her own. She is so bored that she is wondering how she can change her life. Some people say that it is lonely if they live on their own.The song means what will be will be. The last part comes from the verb “ser” which means to be.

The Song called "Que Sera"

A Photo of the Berggren Sisters Malin "Linn" and Jenny


"Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry"

Why is The Bridge a Pop Music Gem in Terms of Albums?

There are so many high quality songs on The Bridge that it should be considered one of the gems in pop music history. Experience Pearls is a song about putting all your eggs in one basket in order to take a risk at love. The album is a job well done by Ace of Base as they excelled at vocals, at the instruments, and the songs are top notch! The Bridge is one of the top pop music albums in the history of music along with AKB48’s Tsugi no Ashiato!

The Song Called "Just N Image"

© 2017 Ara Vahanian


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