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Review of the 2nd Studio Album "Made Me Do It" by Swedish Thrash and Death Metal Band the Haunted

Updated on October 19, 2020
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

Some Information About The Haunted

The Haunted is an extremely heavy Swedish thrash and death metal band that has riffs so heavy that some of you may be scared to even give these guys a chance. Their 2nd studio album called "Made Me Do It" is an impressive display of heaviness and speed. These guys from Gothenburg show that they can play music that should appeal to the most avid heavy metal fans.

A Photo of Adrian Erlandsson and Marco Aro

Drummer Adrian Erlandsson (left) and vocalist Marco Aro (right).
Drummer Adrian Erlandsson (left) and vocalist Marco Aro (right). | Source

Why Is This Band "The Haunted" Significant?

They were formed back in 1996 at a time when Swedish heavy metal was making its rise through the world rankings. Sometimes this writer wonders how he can handle such heavy albums. It is not about luck but I may be feeling quite good when I check out such heavy metal like this.

How Heavy The Haunted is as a Band

If the band Krabathor was the heaviest death metal band in the world, The Haunted may be the heaviest and most brutal thrash that I have heard. However, I have to give the slight edge to Finnish band St. Hood when it comes to groovy thrash metal because they do a slightly better job writing songs.

Thoughts About The Haunted Vs. St. Hood

You’re probably thinking how could St. Hood be better than these guys? At least that’s what I thought when I first wrote the review for this album. Both of these bands use a really hardcore and heavy style of thrash metal that has creativity but The Haunted has better hooks and their style of thrash is a little more varied.

Who Sings and Plays on the album Made Me Do It?

Made Me Do It was released in 2000 and it has Finnish front man Marco Aro taking over for original vocalist Peter Dolving who would return in 2003 when Aro would leave. This band also has twin brothers Anders (guitars) and Jonas Bjorler (bass). Marco Aro’s voice is not as loud or scary as that of Peter Dolving’s but he is still pretty good at least for this genre.

The Song Called Trespass

"Bury Your Dead" The Best Song On Made Me Do It

Analysis of the Songs Dark Intentions, Trespass, Leech, and Hollow Again

The first song Dark Intentions is a short heavy song which is only a preview of what comes next. The album is about to get heavier than this. The song called Trespass is about what happens when certain people lack compassion and empathy. The song also suggests that we should improve ourselves. The song has an early 1970’s Black Sabbath feel to it. Just like our skin sheds cells and then regrows itself, we must constantly seek to improve ourselves. The song Leech has a very short church style choir part before the heavy guitar picking begins. This part should leave listeners thinking about how interestingly enough this is that the band changes from soft to heavy so quickly. I sense some Megadeth influence in the slower guitar part. The Megadeth influence is a slower version of the song Angry Again. The song Hollow Again is about a person that has lost his way and he dreads returning to his old life because he has sinned so much. Can he and will he repent? I detect a little bit of a Slayer influence in this song and Marco sounds like Danish singer Jacob Bredahl. The drumming near the end of the song speeds up and sounds a little like the song Reckoning Day by Megadeth. The speedy song Revelation has an Annihilator influence in it.

The Song Called Hollow Ground

Made Me Do it: The Cons and Final Score

But this album has an obvious weakness. By the song called Silencer, The Haunted tries too much to sound like Slayer overdoing it on the speed aspect. If they want to play fast, they should eventually reinvent themselves like Annihilator instead of trying to musically rehash things that have already been done. The song Under the Surface tries to include clean vocals that sound like the band Good Charlotte. This kind of strategy in a groovy thrash album only weakens the album. But because of a solid first half all the way through song #7, Made Me Do It still gets a respectable score of 82 out of 100 points.

The Song Called Leech

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