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Review and Analysis of the Episode Called "No Flies on Us" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

Updated on February 17, 2020
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

A Picture of a Hover Fly


Why the Episode "No Flies on Us" is Significant Especially for Real Life

“No Flies on Us” is a very interesting episode in the cartoon Inspector Gadget because the episode deals with health and wellness. The main character and hero Inspector Gadget is very sick and he is going through some very fast sneezing spells which seem to happen once every few minutes. Gadget meets up with his boss Chief Quimby who wants to make sure that he is healthy and well before he sends him off to Malaysia. Inspector Gadget becomes terrified of the prospect of having to receive a sort of flu shot. He sneezes so powerfully that he jumps all the way up to the ceiling as he is sitting on top of the ceiling fan! Gadget sneezes again, falling back down all the way to the floor with a thud. I think that most of us may have been scared of having to get our flu shots when we were younger and this episode should be on a Top 10 list of the best episodes of the first season. He (Inspector Gadget) does not understand why he has to go to see a doctor. Many of us dread having to go see a doctor, get flu shots, physical exams and the like but these are part of life from a health standpoint.

"No Flies on Us" Brief Synopsis

In this episode, the Inspector’s niece Penny is really worried about his health and she insists that he receive a shot so that he can get better but Inspector Gadget insists that he is just fine and that he has an assignment to do.

He (Inspector Gadget) is assigned to go to Malaysia to investigate the cause of a deadly virus that Dr. Claw and his agents are using to contaminate the world. He is driving through the jungles of Malaysia thinking that it is now a peaceful country. Gadget does not know that a few of Dr. Claw’s agents are targeting him. He thinks that earthquake damage has happened! Gadget has to infiltrate and try to track down the agent named “The Wild Man of Borneo” the man agent of Dr. Claw that has access to the virus and the antidote. The Inspector is attacked by alligators before being rescued by his dog Brain. And then he falls into a trap of quicksand before he is captured and taken to the main base of the organization known as M.A.D. Note: the main explorer shown in the beginning of the episode is from the United Kingdom. As for the other explorers, their nationality is not known to us. Gadget’s niece Penny is surprised at first that her uncle must travel to Malaysia.

Meanwhile, we are informed that in this episode, the virus is from flies and it makes people very sick. Inspector Gadget upon seeing a group of explorers very sick thinks that they are providing some kind of comedy show. In this episode, the bubbles coming out of the mouths of the explorers show that they have been infected by this fly borne virus.

Another Reason Why No Flies on Us is a Significant Episode

The episode is significant because it may have set the stage for other types of similar movies or cartoons that came later. One example of this is Mission Impossible 2 which would come out in the year 2000 and the movie would have Tom Cruise trying to investigate the cause of the spread of a mysterious virus. So in that sense, Inspector Gadget is a very influential kind of cartoon even though it was meant to be a kid’s show.

"No Flies on Us"

Memorable Quotes from the Episode No Flies On Us

"Gadget, you will soon be ancient history!"- Dr. Claw once again thinks that he can get rid of his main nemesis Inspector Gadget.

"No one laughs at me and gets away with it! The last laugh will be mine."

Dr. Claw

"There's no point delaying it Gadget."

There, now that didn't hurt did it?

Chief Quimby speaking to his top agent Inspector Gadget

© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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