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Review and Analysis of the Episode "the Great Divide" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

Updated on April 19, 2024
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

"The Great Divide" is One of Those Episodes That Was Titled Incorrectly

Author's note:

The Great Divide is the 34th episode of the 1st season of the famous cartoon Inspector Gadget. Note: this is the episode that was actually supposed to have been titled Old Man of the Mountain but due to an error, the episode was titled incorrectly.

Why This Episode Should Have Been Titled "Old Man of the Mountain"

The episode should have been titled “Old Man of the Mountain” because in this episode, there is a character, an old man that works as a gold prospector and he loves the smell and sight of gold obviously.

Money and Gold Coins Are Two of the Main Themes of "The Great Divide"


"The Great Divide" Is Another Episode In Which Inspector Gadget's Gadgets Malfunction

In this episode, there are several times where the gadgets of Inspector Gadget don’t work well. In other words, when he says what gadget he wants to use, another gadget will come out of his body. For example when he asks for his legs to be activated, instead his Gadget coat gets activated.

An ice cream cone with ice cream that is melting, two of the food items featured in the beginning of the episode "The Great Divide."
An ice cream cone with ice cream that is melting, two of the food items featured in the beginning of the episode "The Great Divide."

Review and Analysis of "The Great Divide" What is it About?

In this episode, Gadget is assigned by his boss Chief Quimby to investigate the reasons why there have been so many tremors that have been shaking the Earth. M.A.D. the organization headed by Dr. Claw has kidnapped a world famous seismologist and forced him to create a machine that can cause deadly earthquakes. There is a park ranger working for Dr. Claw as well as a prospector that is so crazy about gold that he loves it! He thinks that Gadget is there to try and steal the gold and Gadget thinks that the prospector has a cold! Once again, due to the help of his loyal dog Brain, Gadget is saved from getting hurt or drowning because of the broken rope that broke off and caused him to fall from a great height. Gadget falls for a second time into a fast moving river. Penny and Brain walk around feeling despondent, thinking that her uncle has died. Gadget however miraculously survives that fall and he ended up catching lots of fish! The prospector finds a piece of gold in one of his socks and makes sure to really guard his fortunes. In fact, he is so overprotective of his gold that he won’t allow anyone to even get near him even if they want to ask him a question. In the Rocky Mountains where this episode takes place, Penny does the real investigative work. She eventually talks to the seismologist and helps him find out how to put an end to Dr. Claw’s earthquake machine. Meanwhile, our hero Gadget is busy running around thinking that his dog Brain is the prospector! How funny is that? Gadget gets buried under a ton of rocks due to the strength of the tremors. Dr. Claw and MAD Cat laugh, thinking that they have finished him off. The episode ends when the earthquake machine is destroyed due to the investigative work of Penny and the seismologist.

"The Great Divide" Full Episode

Here Is an Interesting Way to End the Analysis of This Episode

Then, a huge stone slab of gold drops down from the sky. The prospector being so excited, chops the gold into smaller coins and just runs off with the gold. The Great Divide is a good episode to watch if you have thoughts of wealth on your mind.

© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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