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Review of Chapter 14 The Message by Japanese Pop Music Group Morning Musume

Updated on July 3, 2019
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

Introduction to Chapter 14 The Message

Chapter 14 The Message is the English title for the album 14 Shou The Message by Japanese pop music group Morning Musume. The album was released in 2014 which was the last full year of work with Morning Musume for its band leader Sayumi Michishige. This was also the last studio album for members Riho Sayashi and Kanon Suzuki. Many of the members in this album were and are still very young because they were born in the 1990’s or later. Michishige is the only member that was born in 1989 so at this time she was 25 years old and of course she would end up graduating in November 2014 after a fall concert tour.

Sayumi Michishige the Band Leader at the Time of the Album's Release


Favorite Member on This Album

My favorite member on this album is Sendai’s Ayumi Ishida born in January 1997. I might as well have been born in 1989 or later because this J POP music is really upbeat, fun, and entertaining.

Here Are the Tracks for the Album Chapter 14 The Message

1. Tiki Bun

2. Password is Zero (0)

3. You Create Tomorrow

4. A Glittery, Shining Star

5. The Truth About Becoming Lovers-I Definitely Don't Want to Know

6. What is Love?

7. I Am What I Am

8. Humorless Conversation

9. You With a Smile Are My Sun

10. No One Can Replace You

11. We Become Adults Will We Be Adults

12. Beyond Time and Space

How Does the Album 14 Shou The Message Begin?

The album features an electronic influence in TIKI Bun as well as the song Password is 0. The group should include more song titles in English so that fans can read about the group easier and this would attract more fans for the group outside their native Japan. Japanese is considered by the United Nations to be one of the world’s hardest languages to learn and master. It is a tough language just like Finnish so interpreting the lyrical themes of the songs without lyrical translations is going to be challenging for sure.

Chapter 14 The Message Has Members from 5 Different Generations

The album has members from the 9th generation all the way through the 12th generation. Sayumi Michishige is the only member on this album that is not from those generations. She is from the 6th generation and now has the longest tenure in the group’s history.

Chapter 14 The Message Review Continued

Is this album memorable in the decade of the 2010’s? You make that judgement because it is tough for me to say with any certainty, though the first two songs as well as What is Love are the best tracks in the album. TIKI Bun is one of those songs I did not really enjoy at first but it has grown on me. The song speeds up and has this sort of video game kind of sound to it. It sounds like they are saying cheeky bun. How funny is that? Some of you may get a laugh out of this song. Then comes the best song in the album Password is 0. Even though there is repetition in it, the song is one of the catchiest and upbeat you will ever hear! The password may be zero but the song is a big vibration booster! You can listen to this album to bring up your vibration so that manifesting whatever you want becomes much easier. This is not an article on manifesting but if you need a quick mood booster, Chapter 14 The Message is one of those albums that will work very well! Writing articles (at least for some people is as easy as manifesting a slice of pizza). It is really not very common for fans in the United States to even be familiar with Morning Musume but there are some. Note: for this avid writer it is the second day in a row listening to this 2014 album. Koibito ni wa Zettai ni Shiraretakunai Shinjitsu is one of those songs that actually has English lyrics in it. You can hear the dialogue as the woman says “what is this crazy rock music.”

A Few Photos of 10th Generation Member Ayumi Ishida

There are a Few Similarities Between Morning Musume & Ace of Base

Chapter 14 The Message has 12 songs for 51 minutes of solid, entertaining Japanese pop and techno music. The length is similar to albums released by former Swedish pop music super group Ace of Base. Their first album The Sign was 45 minutes long and even had a French titled song as one of its tracks. This is not an article trying to compare Morning Musume to Ace of Base but just to point out that there are a few similarities between these two famous groups.

Riho Sayashi, Ayumi Ishida, and Haruna Iikubo

Riho Sayashi (left) and my dear favorite Morning Musume member Ayumi Ishida are smiling!
Riho Sayashi (left) and my dear favorite Morning Musume member Ayumi Ishida are smiling!
10th generation member Haruna Iikubo at an event promoting a Zelda video game.
10th generation member Haruna Iikubo at an event promoting a Zelda video game.

Final Thoughts About Chapter 14 The Message

Warenai Hanashi which is song #8 has some rap style vocals. I grew up listening to rap music at first! If We Become Adults, Will We Be Adults is song #11 and has an interesting rock feel to it. Beyond Time and Space is the last song on this album and it has some very good piano sweeping or tapping if you want to call it that. Overall Chapter 14 The Message may be a better album than Rainbow 7 but it is not as good as 10 MY ME. The strongest songs include Password is 0, What is Love?, and the last two songs.

"Password is 0" Close Up Version With Mizuki Fukumura

© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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