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Review of Comedy Central's Skit Show "Key and Peele" - Episode 2

Updated on June 21, 2012


If you read my review of Episode 1 (look down below in the useful Hubs links), then you know I gave the original showing a B rating. The first was viewed by 2 million people and was met with mild complimentary reaction. So does the second improve off the flaws of the first? Or does it delve deeper into mediocrity? Out of 8 already planned episodes, does the second give any hope for the next six? Let's take a look.

First Half

The opening segment shows Keegan rapping on the street with a group of hommies, spitting out some wicked rhymes. All of a sudden, Obama comes out of his limo and grabs the mic. He utters eight words, "I am the leader of the free world," leaving them all in awe. Pretty funny. Something I pointed out in the first episode was that standup bits are included throughout the show, which can work well if done right. This is seen right away while Jordan tells an amusing tale of how his white mom couldn't spank him in public due to his race, which wasn't side-splitting, but ok.

The skit that is shown after that shows Keegan as an Indian doctor, informing Jordan, whose mother is in the hospital and he brought some gangster friends with him to discuss the matter, that his mom is needing serious medical attention. Jordan doesn't take it seriously, though. When the good doctor comments on the elderly mother's weight and age, Jordan takes it personally and throws some "Yo momma..." jokes in retribution, while Keegan urges innocence. After calming down and bit, Jordan opens up to the doctor about how hard this personal matter has been, and how he uses humor to hide the pain. The doctor's response is the relevation that he had an explicit sexual relation with his mother....sort of a "What?..." moment to end the skit.

The skit next is of Keegan flying in a helicopter, filling in as a reporter for a news program. The only thing is, the copter unexpectedly jerks back in forth in the middle of the traffic report, causing Keegan to revert from a calm professional to a panicking black man. He curses wildly and apologizes each time, only to have the copter crash at the end of the skit. That was the second skit to end awkwardly with a "What?..." moment. What follows is a pretty humorous take on how white guys fight at bars.

From the CC website

Second Half

The next sketch is a rather funny one, featuring the two hosts of the show dressed in drag and acting like the typical superficial club bimbos. After every picture they take of themselves, they claim they look hideous and automatically moan, "Duh-leet it!!" They continue to do this even as the club they are at is robbed. After that, a play of "Lunch with Greatness" is shown with Jordan as Dr. King and Keegan as Malcolm X. The two, after beginning seriously and according to script, digress into stereotypical proclamations in order to compete for the crowd's applause. They end up jumping around the stage accompanied by the hoops and hollers of the viewers. This one made me chuckle.

After some more standup, the very last sketch is of a concert performance where Key and Peele are two singers surrounded by screaming women watching their show. However. Peele starts to show sexual attraction to his singing partner through ambiguous lyrics and vulgar body movements. He, all of a sudden, start to fall to the ground and explicitly admits to his feelings to the whole audience. After a long awkward pause, Peele attempts to reconcile his mistake, adlibbing lyrics insisting he's not gay and the object of his affections is totally female. Totally.


I'd say that this episode, while containing some very funny bits, was not quite up to par with the original pilot. Since that show was a solid B rating, I'll grant this one a B- and would advise any potential viewers to see the first show before this one, or skip to the third (just released) and see if that is an improvement. This series shows promise, but shouldn't make viewers wait so long for the decent skits every show.


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      Steve Orion 5 years ago from Tampa, Florida

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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      Angela Brummer 5 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

      Great article!!!