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Review of French Horror "Inside" (Unrated) *GRAPHIC*

Updated on August 18, 2012


Filmed in Paris, France, and released in 2007, "Inside," or "À l'intérieur," is a French horror film. It follows a woman whose husband is killed in a car accident the two were involved in as she lives alone, awaiting the birth of her child. On Christmas Eve, she is visited by a strange woman who breaks into her house, terrorizes the pregnant woman, and reveals she aims to steal the child.

Filled with violence, blood, and death galore, the unrated version is the cut I'll be reviewing in this Hub. Labeled as a member of the New Wave of French Horror, the film can be compared to films like Martyrs and High Tension.

Review (Spoiler-Free)

Right from the start of the film, the gloomy atmosphere is well set as our widow, Sarah, faces the personal struggle of bringing her baby full term without her husband. Even before the rising action begins, we get a couple jumps her or there through Sarah's dreams or imagination. The suspense rises, naturally, when an intruder tries to gain entry with deception, at first, and then forcibly. A significant compliment to the film, I actually cared about Sarah and her baby and was actively concerned with the events of the story. In some cases, I really couldn't care less if even the main character is mauled to death by vicious beasts; it sometimes feels of little consequence, but thankfully the apathy that comes with poor characters was fully avoided.

While the tormentor in the film is a woman, the policemen that show up are obviously of little assistance. As it isn't beyond possibility that a lone woman could dispatch three police officers, it isn't too much of a stretch for suspending disbelief at some of what occurs in the house. Two thirds of the film are focused on the intruder attacking Sarah and Sarah's plight for survival, I do feel this was appropriately proportionate. As for the violence, and there's plenty of it, nothing particularly creative or original is seen, but it's entertaining and cringe-worthy, at times. There is also an appropriate focus on the pregnancy aspect of the horror, especially in regards to the antagonist's aspirations.

Regarding the film, overall, the violence certainly outweighed the suspense, and I'd only make the critical remark of the general lack of outright scares. What's achieved, more than getting the viewer to jump out of their seats, is the prevalent and persistent tension of the unfolding events. The end is shocking and brutal. But what else would you expect for an unrated films distributed in the U.S. by Dimension Extreme? A side note: that company, generally speaking, releases absolute bullshit. But, thankfully, 'tis not the case.

Justice: Cape Fear style!
Justice: Cape Fear style! | Source

Final Thoughts

Traumatic and violent, "Inside" is a prime example French horror very well done. Like that woman's face. If you are a seasoned horror lover, then watch the uncut edition for the best scenes. In spite of some highly unnecessary cut-scenes to the baby-in-womb, the characters and plot are all as good as they need be for a film of this nature. That is to say, bloody, disgusting, horror. 8/10


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