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Review of "Heartburn"

Updated on May 17, 2014

Heartburn Movie Poster


Film Rating

4 stars for Heartburn

How to See the Humor in Extramarital Affairs

Spoilers Alert!

So to be perfectly fair, there isn't really any humor in extramarital affairs. It's actually a really heartbreaking thing to happen to any spouse who discovers it of their significant other. The movie "Heartburn" shows such a spouse who goes through, if you will, the heartburn of being cheated on. But the fresh thing about this movie as opposed to other cheating dramas is it doesn't completely focus on creating a sob story. It does provide laughs and a dark and dry sense of humor throughout the character's pain.

"Heartburn" is based on the novel of the same name written by Nora Ephron. Nora Ephron wrote the novel based on her relationship, marriage, and divorce from Carl Bernstein. Having never read the novel I am only reviewing this title based on my take on the movie.

The movie is purely Ephron. Her own unique voice and style is completely present in the script in this movie. If you don't like her other movies though, you might still like this one. It doesn't end with a happy couple like "Sleepless in Seattle" or "You've Got Mail" or "When Harry Met Sally". This movie displays a complete three hundred and sixty degree turn of a relationship, from the first glance, to the marriage, to wedded bliss, and down down down into a mess of extramarital affairs, despair, and finally the strength of a woman putting her foot down, divorcing her cheating husband, and, yes, plenty of heartburn. This movie is more about a woman being completely in love and happy, having it fall apart, and rising from it much stronger then a rom-com.

The lead actors in this film are excellent. Jack Nicholson is in a much different type of part here than much of his other work, but he does a smooth job at playing the despicable husband. Meryl Streep is completely channeling Nora Ephron with her character. It's almost bizarre how good she is at handling Nora Ephron's mannerisms.

This movie will make you both laugh hysterically at the main character's remarks on the world and relationships, rub your temples in frustration at the husband's devious actions, and weep both in crushing sorrow and in elated happiness.

This movie is an excellent choice for those who love a movie that is slow paced and has plenty of witty dialogue. It is a must see for any Nora Ephron enthusiast and any woman who has faced a difficult relationship.

Scene from "Heartburn"


Heartburn Movie Quote

"Rachel Samstat:

'I'm never getting married again. I don't believe in marriage.'

Mark Forman:

'Neither do I.'"

Book Cover of the Novel "Heartburn"


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Heartburn Random Factoid

The movie is based on Nora Ephron's real-life marriage to, and divorce from, Carl Bernstein and the birth of their two sons. The woman Bernstein had an affair with was Margaret Jay- wife of the British Ambassador to the United States, and daughter of British Prime Minister James Callaghan. Margaret Jay became a Baroness in 1992, and rose to become the first female Leader of the House of Lords, from 1998-2001.

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